6 picturesque locations you’ll want to visit at Finland

Finland is one of the prettiest countries in the world. It is known for the amount of contrast that you get to see in its landscape. It is here that you can see the four seasons in true earnest. It is at Finland that you would be able to see the Midnight Sun as well as the Northern Lights.

Pyhä-Luosto National Park

The first name that needs to be taken in this context is the Pyhä-Luosto National Park. These are basically rugged hills that have been there for a long time and they have been cut at various places by gorges that happen to be really deep. The best thing that you can do over here is trekking. You can easily walk to the top through these forests that have been there for an eternity and more. The top areas of this park do not have any trees and there is plenty of wind to contend with as well. The skies here are vast as you would find elsewhere in Lapland.

The scenery is especially breathtaking during both summer when you have the Midnight Sun, and winter when the skies are being lit up by the Northern Lights. You would also see some Siberian jays that are really friendly if you happened to stop for a picnic while hiking.


Aland happens to be the perfect weekend getaway if you happen to be in Finland. No matter who you are with this is the best place to have some great time. You can relax at the sauna, go hiking around the archipelago which is naturally inspiring, or just walk around and take in the sights and sounds over here.

One of the various things that you should certainly do whilst you are at this place is to take part in one of the fishing trips. You can hire a local fishing guide for the purpose – this is one experience that is always going to stay with you. The food over here also happens to be exceptional. It is highly recommended that you visit the local Art Museum and Cultural History Museum, and the Aland Maritime Museum. If you are here you might catch hold of the Northern Lights as well as one of the many storms.


Uto Island

Uto Island is located right in the southernmost part of the country and is the last inhabited island in that part of this archipelago. You can get there with the help of a free ferry that takes around five hours. The island is small as such and is there right on the Baltic Sea. A lot of people visit it during the winter season – a time when it happens to be as cold as hell. You can also visit it during spring and autumn where you would see many migratory birds.

The island is a rocky one and occupies an area of just a square km. All around the year over here, you would not find more than 50 people on an average. There are normally around 150 people during the summer season. The island was vacated in 2005 by the Finnish armed forces.

Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

One of the various things that you can do in Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park is trekking. You can easily visit one hilltop from another this way. All the way you would be passing through Arctic fells. This also happens to be the finest hiking trail in the country.

Apart from hiking, skiing is also one activity that you would really enjoy doing over here. You can stay at the Lappish villages that have plenty of history apart from lodgings where you can haul up without compromising on your comfort. It also helps that they are really welcoming. In fact, it is said that this part of Lapland has the best air in the whole world with regards to freshness. Once again this is a great place if you wish to see the Northern Lights. You can easily visit the national park by way of a car and other modes of public transportation.

Koli National Park

The Koli National Park is located in northern Karelia and as such is well known for its natural scenery that comprises hills covered in trees. One of the best views that you can get from here is that of the Lake Pielinen from atop the Ukko-Koli Hill.

This is one reason why over the years so many artists, nature lovers, and photographers from across the country have been attracted to the spot. The scenery is as splendid as they come and as such it fills you with a sense of serenity unlike anything else. You just feel a sense of wonder when you come here. In fact, the lakes and hills over here create such a setting that you would enjoy it no matter which time of the year you come over here. You can access this by car as well as public transportation.

Oulanka National Park

The national park is located at Kuusamo and happens to be one of the most popular members of its fraternity in the country. The national park is also known to have a commendable collection of falls and rapids. The most prominent name among these is the Kiutaköngas rapid that is located in the Oulanka River.

The Jyrävä fall and the Myllykoski fall at the Kitka River are worth mentioning in this context as well. The national park itself is part of the Karhunkierros trail, which is known for its rough terrain. There are plenty of choices if you wish to go trailing over here – the hanging bridges only add to the charm of the entire region as such. In fact, the waterfalls over here are said to be among the most impressive of their kind in the entire country. There is plenty over here for the nature photographers.

Some other options that may be mentioned in this regard are a village named Saramo, Riisitunturi National Park, Repovesi National Park, and Kilpisjärvi, where the borders of Finland meet those of Norway and Sweden.


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