About Us

Hello and welcome to the Gofinland Blog! Gofinland.fi is your one stop shop for the ultimate Finnish adventure – a cabin holiday. We have Finland’s largest selection of rental log cabins, cottages and holiday homes. We also provide an increasing amount of things to see and do in Finland.

This blog is our way to promote all the incredibly interesting things that Finland has to offer. We’ll tell you stories about Finnish culture and local traditions, introduce you to cool locations and give you hands on advice on traveling in Finland.

Authors of this blog are Jens and Bruce. We might also have some quest bloggers every now and then. I’m the product manager of the whole thing – so let me know if you have any feedback about the site. Bruce is our correspondent from Lapland. He has his own travel business there and he blogs also on his own platform: Destination Laponie.

Read more about the team behind Gofinland.fi from here!

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