Cottage Life in Finland: Great Ways to Enjoy Nature

Have you ever asked a Finn where he or she would celebrate the midsummer fest? Most of them would reply: “in a summer cottage”. Did you know that Finland counts over half a million privately owned cottages and leisure houses in the country of 5 million inhabitants?

For Finns, the cottages and leisure houses are getaways from the hectic lives. Very often located by a lake or a river, and off-the-beaten path, cottages offer a great dive into one of the most important part of Finnish culture: enjoying nature.

The cottage life is all about going back to the roots and enjoy simple pleasures like cooking fresh fish on open fire, taking a swim in the lake after wooden-heated sauna or picking up berries.

Have You Ever Heard Silence?

The first and most overwhelming feeling you will get when staying at a cottage in the middle of nature is silence. Have you ever heard it?

Once you try, you really get hooked!  Spending time in nature has a very positive effect on your health: it is a great way to enjoy a digital detox and fill up your body and mind with energy and creativity. fishing

Need Help to Choose a Destination?

So ready to step off your daily routine and enjoy the pleasure of silence and nature in a traditional cottage? From the Finnish Archipelago to the Lakeland and deep Lappish forests, you can find here your dream cottage for an unforgettable experience.

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Written by Bruce Deschamps
French Travel Blogger & Wilderness Guide in love with the great outdoors. The Finnish Lapland is my favorite playground!