How to come to Finland

Finland is pretty easy place to come to. You can come to Finland by air, sea or land. There are a couple major international routes by train and they are easily accessed. However if you are planning a bus trip, you might want to contact your local tour operator or travel agency for the easiest option.

We have land borders with Russia, Sweden and Norway. Russian border is very long and it can be crossed in multiple places. Swedish border is connected only to the northern Finland. That’s why many travelers from Sweden use ferries or boats from Stockholm to southern Finland.

The most common and easiest way into Finland is through the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. It’s the main hub in Finland and there are many airlines that fly to Helsinki.

Getting around

From Helsinki-Vantaa you can either take a connecting flight to one of the smaller airports or change the mode of transportation right away. Domestic flights in Finland are usually very short. You can even reach the northernmost airport Ivalo in one and a half hours. Flying is the most convenient and fastest way to get around. If you manage to score a good deal with the airline, it’s probably also the cheapest alternative.

White line fever – rent a car

Photo by Kari Palsila, VisitFinland

But if your destination is near Helsinki or you want to see more Finland than just airports where are many options to take. We highly recommend a rental car, especially when you are having a cabin holiday. Sometimes the cabins are pretty remote you know. With a rental car you are free to come and go as you please and you can visit all the cool places besides your main destination.

Driving in Finland is really save, even in the winter time. All cars are equipped for snow, ice and cool conditions. Motorways link all the major cities and road signs are easy to read. Just remember to drive on the right-hand side of the road and keep the lights on all the time!

Bring your own car


It’s also possible to drive your own car, but if you are not coming from Russia or northern Sweden, you might need to use a ferry to get here. Ferries cruise from Sweden, Estonia and Germany and most end up to the southern coast. At least the cruisers from Sweden and Estonia are pretty nice and have plenty of services. A quick cruise could actually be a nice part of your holiday. You can also take a ferry without a car. See more from Viking Line, Tallink Silja, Finnlines and Wasaline.

Comfortable and convenient – train

Public transportation is also good option. For longer trips we recommend trains, because they are comfortable and fast. There is a train connection to Helsinki main railway station from Helsinki-Vantaa and from there on you can reach basically every part of Finland. There is only one railway company in Finland, the national railways, VR. Tickets can be bought online or from stations.

Own Chauffeur on a coach

Photo: VisitFinland

Another way to travel is by bus or coach. They usually cover even the smallest cities and pretty remote areas. Matkahuolto is a coach service that operates all over Finland. They use the official bus stations and travel centers. There is another coach service They operate to major destinations and use smaller bus stops and stations all over the cities. You can search for routes and book tickets online for both.

Come and see

In the end it doesn’t matter how you get here, we know you’ll love it here anyways! Please come and bring your friends too. We have the most spectacular nature and very unique northern culture. I could write tens of blog posts about it, but you need to experience it yourself.

Best regards,

Jens from Gofinland

Written by Jens