Meet the Gofinland Team

Hi! We are a small but passionate team behind the site We come from different backgrounds but we share the same interest in excellent websites and traveling in Finland – our home country.

Actually we like Finland so much that we’d like to introduce it to the whole world! That’s why we’ve built It’s a portal for ultimate Finnish adventure – a cabin holiday! You know, we Finns love our cabins like crazy. It’s a good place to relax, have good time with family and friends and enjoy the solitude in nature. We believe that you haven’t really experienced Finland until you’ve spent a couple of nights in a cabin.

There are six of us right now. We do our business under the watchful eye of our manager Paula. She is a bulletproof businesswoman who knows everyone in the Finnish travel scene. She enjoys outdoor activities and especially skiing. Her closest colleague is Riikka, our dynamic salesperson. If you have rental cabins in Finland, you probably know her already.

The rest of us are from the tech team. Mikko is our designer and user experience specialist. Jarkko is the architect of all things tech and he codes all our stuff with Jari, our software specialist.

Me on the other hand couldn’t code even if my life depended on it. That’s why I’m the product manager. I’m trying to keep the customers happy with good features and interesting content. I do also all our social media and write this blog of course.

Yes, it's me with the double bicep pose...

Yes, it’s me with the double bicep pose…

The other author of this blog is Mr. Bruce Deschamps – our correspondent from Lapland. He has his own blog where he tells the Lapland stories for French speaking people. As a French expat living with us Finns he has a cool perspective on Finnish culture and customs.


Hope you enjoy this blog and the stories we will be sharing here! Keep in touch because we are going to post pretty often.

Best regards

Written by Jens