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Äänekoski - Cottages and Vacation Rentals

Modern rural atmosphere in an industrial town

Äänekoski is located in the middle of the most beautiful Finnish Lakeland. Of our surface area, one quarter is water, and all four of our population centres are located by the clear and lush Lake Keitele.

You can enjoy the many opportunities for leisure activities offered by our forests and lakes. Kapeenniemi, a recreation, whitewater fishing and conservation area with networks of trails and campfire sites, is excellently suited to nature holidays for all the family.

Leisure and culture are strengths in which the town is investing. Keitelejazz and the Rautalanka Festival take place in beach landscapes. Nostalgic museum trains take groups of travellers on traditional trips. The versatile events of Suolahti Hall and the exhibitions of the Art Museum represent our cultural offerings at their best.