Activity Holidays in Finland

Active Holidays All Year Round

For those who are dreaming of an active vacation in Finland, there are plenty of options available throughout the year. During the summer months many activities such as biking, paddling, rafting and fishing make the days unforgettable. For those seeking new experiences, one can try, for example, gold panning, participating in the Forest Escape adventure, or getting to know the lives of bears at the Predator Centre in Kuusamo.

Tour de Pyhä

The Tour de Pyhä -route for active vacationers, includes hiking, paddling and biking.

Family Activities

In the summer season, there is a wide variety of activities available for family vacationers, ranging from amusement parks to spas and zoos. On the other hand, a holiday with farm accommodation provides the opportunity to try out many of the activities that are typical for life in the countryside.

In autumn it is recommended to head for a trip to see the magnificent autumn colours of Lapland. On the famous Karhunkierros (Bear's trail) you can challenge yourself while exploring the impressive landscapes of the Koillismaa sub-region. In all national parks in Finland you can try mountain biking, climbing and fishing, surrounded by stunning scenery.

Metsäsynttärit koko perheen kesken

On a forest birthday party, the birthday girl or boy, together with the friends, are taken on an adventure in the beautiful nature.

Winter Activities and Skiing Holidays

The winter and spring seasons provide great opportunities for snow sports. In addition to the downhill skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing available at Finnish ski resorts, there are plenty of other recreational activities available. If you have not yet, for example, tried snowmobiling, snowshoeing, sledding, ice-climbing or tour skating, these activities offer variation to the more regular forms of activity. The tourist attractions in northern Finland include admiring the Northern Lights, visiting Santa Claus at the Arctic Circle or to enjoying the steam in the sauna of the Saunatour, organized in Kuusamo.


Through dog sledding you can learn about the lives of husky dogs.

Active Biking Holidays

Out of the year-round activities in southern Finland, you should try the cycle paths circling the Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi lakes, where you can explore many interesting local destinations of the Pirkanmaa region. For more information on the best biking routes in Finland, visit Gofinland’s biking site.

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