Farm Holidays in Finland

Farm tourism is a trendy form of tourism, where the aim is to rid oneself of the stress in favour of a more tranquil lifestyle in a rural environment. While staying in the countryside, you can enjoy tranquility surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes.

Farm tourism includes a wide range of different accommodation options, as the countryside accommodation is available not only in well-furnished main buildings of farms, but also in the cottages in the courtyards and even in old buildings of traditional villages. Whether you are looking for a weekend destination or a place to stay for the duration of your summer holiday, you can choose the accommodation level according to your own preferences.

The great food is reason enough for visiting the countryside. Locally produced fresh and healthy raw produce meet the needs of the most demanding visitor. While vacationing in rural areas you can sample traditional Finnish dishes and enjoy desserts you remember from your childhood.

Enjoyable activities for the vacationer

Many rural businesses offer, in addition to accommodation, multiple other services and activities. If you want to participate in farm work, care for the animals, go horseback riding, enjoy the steam of a genuine wooden sauna or go rowing on a nearby lake, it is likely quite possible to be realized in rural areas.

Rural accommodation also provides a great setting for a variety of celebrations: whether you are planning family festivities, weddings, meetings or other events, you can easily find solutions from the available range of farm accommodations.

As much as 95% of Finland’s area is rural, meaning farm accommodation is available across the entire country. Learn more about the Gofinland's farm accommodation options and find your favourite!

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