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On Gofinland's site you will find the best rental cottages and the most comfortable accommodation in Ähtäri, Finland. Our extensive range includes cottages close to Ähtäri Zoo, log cabins in the middle of nature, and luxury villas with all the amenities. Browse our selection and find the best accommodation in Ähtäri!

Accommodation near the Ähtäri Zoo

Ähtäri's most famous attraction is the Ähtäri Zoo, which is the oldest organic zoo in Finland. The zoo, opened in 1973, is home to more than 60 different animal species. The zoo is best known for its bears, but there are also other species adapted for cold climate, including lynx, wolves and even snow leopards.

Ähtäri Zoo is located in the village of Inha, about 5 km from the center of Ähtäri. If you don’t have a car, you can also get to the zoo also by train, as there is a railroad station near the tourist center.

Enjoy the natural beauty of Ähtäri

Ähtäri has good opportunities for different nature activities and there are several nature trails in the area. The 5 km long nature trail in the Ähtäri tourist center is especially suitable for families, as the path is easy to follow. When in Ähtäri, you can also visit the beautiful Arpainen hiking trail, the Kierinniemi nature trail (2.7 km) and the Nallenpolku trail.

In addition to hiking, it is easy to go skiing in Ähtäri as there is a 150 kilometre-long cross-country skiing trail network in the area. The illuminated ski trails run in the Mustikkavuori Sports Center (6 km) and Ähtäri Tourist Center (5 km).

In addition to nature activities, there are many other things to see and do in Ähtäri. The saunas and pools in the Mesikämmen Spa are worth a visit throughout the year. The 18-hole Ähtäri Zoo Golf welcomes you to play in the beautiful scenery and the Flowpark adventure park is known for its great adventure tracks.

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The numerous lakes and ridges in Ähtäri provide great conditions even for a longer holiday in Finland. Check out our selection of accommodation in Ähtäri and find the best option for your needs. Below you will find the most popular cottages in Ähtäri!

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