Cycling and bike tours in Finland

Biking is a very versatile form of exercise and it is suitable for almost everyone, regardless of age and previous experience. Finland has excellent conditions for biking, with varied routes available in cities, in the archipelago, in the Lake-Finland district as well as in the fells of Lapland. The best way to enjoy a long bike ride is to stay in a rental cottage located along the route.

Popular Biking Trails in Finland

Finland’s most popular biking trails run through idyllic little villages, letting you enjoy magnificent scenery in the midst of beautiful nature. The best routes can be identified by the availability of plenty of stops and resting places, services, attractions and accommodation options. The list below contains examples of routes all across Finland.

The Western King's Route: Helsinki - Billnäs - Ekenäs - Fiskars - Turku (227 km). The Western Kuninkaantie (King's road) is one of Finland’s most beautiful biking trails, where you can explore both the present and the former capital cities, the idyllic ruins of Fiskars and Billnäs, the colourful old town of Ekenäs and the beautiful seashore scenery. The range of rental cottages can be found on the sites of Raasepori, Inkoo, Salo and Turku.

The biking trip from Helsinki to Porvoo (55 km). Starting from Helsinki you can, for example, head to of Porvoo’s old town, which fascinates with its medieval milieu. To the delight of visitors there are many interesting boutiques, restaurants and cafes, and the sea is never far away. The return trip can also, if desired, be made on a traditional steamboat. Accommodation is available in the rental cottages of Porvoo and Sipoo.

The Pyhäjärvi lake route and the Näsijärvi route: The Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi lake routes in the heart of the Pirkanmaa province offer magnificent lake scenery. Versatility is what makes Pyhä-Näsi so special, as there are national parks, old mansions, art museums and other interesting local attractions. Learn about nearby rental cottages on the sites of the Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi routes.


The Archipelago Trail (200 km) and Little Archipelago Trail (120 km). Thanks to the famous Archipelago Trails in Turku Archipelago, it is possible to make an adventurous cycling trip from island to island without your own boat. Free ferries run along the trails between May and August, although you should always remember to carefully check the ferry schedules before your trip to avoid unpleasant surprises. There are several villages along the way offering a wide range of services for cyclists. For those looking for rental cottages, see the selections available on the sites of Parainen, Taivassalo, Masku and Naantali.
Cycling is a perfect way of exploring the stunning Turku Archipelago and its islands. If you're planning to circle the 200-km-long Archipelago Trail, make sure to allow enough time for the fascinating attractions of Turku Archipelago. Have a little adventure at the castle ruins of Kuusisto Island in Kaarina, stretch your legs on the nature trails, explore the picturesque archipelago villages and marinas and enjoy the local food in the idyllic restaurants. Alternatively, you can choose the shorter circular route, the 120-km-long Little Archipelago Trail that is ideal for a weekend-long cycling trip. Make sure to have enough time to discover the dark secrets of Seili, an island where leprous and mental patients used to be treated. Today, the island of Seili serves as a tourist destination. Take part in the daily guided tours and learn about the dark history of this fascinating island but also about its diverse nature.

Åland's archipelago routes. Åland offers unique possibilities for biking, compared to many other routes, as the Swedish-speaking archipelago region provides plenty of exoticism. Old windmills, the Bomarsund ruins, the Kastelholm castle and idyllic villages offer a lot to see along the way. The final destination of the tour should be Mariehamn, with services comparable to many of the continental cities in Finland. Åland's rental cottages are listed on the Mariehamn and Geta sites.

The seven bridges archipelago trail (69 miles). The seven bridges archipelago trail in the coastal area of Ostrobothnia presents the cyclist with breathtakingly beautiful seashores. The region, once chosen the most exciting domestic tourism destination, offers a lot of services in the villages along the route. The rental cottages located near the trail are listed on the sites of Uusikaarlepyy and Kokkola.

The Salla biking trails. There are plenty of biking trails, from which each traveler can choose their own favourite, in Salla’s rolling fell terrain. There are as many as 444 km of marked trails, and some of the trails can be cycled also in the winter time. Salla’s strengths are the open landscapes that can be admired from the top of the fells, where any remaining stress will be gone with the wind. Salla’s slogan "In the middle of nowhere" describes the nature of the area well: here, in the middle of nowhere, there is time for your own thoughts and experiential activities. Read more about Salla’s biking trails and rent your own cottage in the vicinity of the best routes.

Sallan pyöräilyelämys

The Tuusulanjärvi lake (25 km): For a slightly shorter bicycle route, you should visit the famous Tuusulanjärvi lake. A fast cyclist will tour the entire trail in about an hour, but you should definitely stop to admire the scenic landscapes which have inspired many famous Finnish artists. Visit Ainola, the home of Jean Sibelius, or the studio of Pekka Halonen at Halosenniemi, both which offer a dose of culture to counterbalance the sporting activity. The rental cottages in the area can be found at the site of Tuusula.

The greater Saimaa route (360/520 km). The bicycle route around Finland’s largest waterway, Saimaa, is a dream destination for a cyclist who enjoys lakeside scenery. National landscapes, historical sites, small villages and bigger cities can all be found along the way, offering plenty of variation. Find rental cottages near the lake Saimaa.

Try different types of bikes

It is possible to make a biking tour on a regular bicycle, especially if it is serviced well before the journey. During the preparation phase, the chains should be lubricated, brakes and gears adjusted, tires checked and the condition of the lamp ensured. For longer biking tours a road bike, a touring bike or a hybrid is usually preferred, all of which have their own benefits when it comes to biking tours.

If unpaved sections or forest terrain appear along the route, a mountain bike or a fatbike are recommended options. If you don’t have your own bike, you can rent one at the nearest bicycle rental location.

A cyclist’s equipment: what to pack for a bike tour?

When packing it is worth remembering that the weight of the equipment should be kept at about 25 to 30 kilograms. After a thorough preparation, the biker can focus on a pleasant journey.

  • A helmet adds to safety and a safety vest makes the biker more visible to other traffic
  • A backpack with rain cover, wheel-mounted bags or a wheeled trolley
  • Tools and repair supplies: a wheel pump, spare mum, universal tool, allen key
  • A drinking bottle
  • Meals: small snacks and possibly also more filling camping meals
  • Cutlery: a camping plate, a fork, a spoon and a mug
  • A route map, travel guide and possible ferry schedules

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