A Summer Cottage on an Island – Conveniently by Renting

Would you like to spend your vacation in a comfortable rented cottage on an island? There are about 180,000 islands to choose from in Finland, so there are plenty of alternatives for a holiday destination.

The cottages in the Finnish archipelago provide a setting for a soothing holiday, as the stress of the day-to-day life is quickly forgotten on the shores of the islands. In these destinations you become part of nature in many different ways: fishing, paddling, enjoying a sauna, swimming, boating and hiking. If you do not own your own boat, many islands can also be reached conveniently along a bridge or with free shuttle boats.

All Gofinland's island cottages can be found conveniently here. You can also explore the available cottages in favourite holiday destinations such as – the Turku Archipelago, the Archipelago National Park, the Ekenäs Archipelago National Park, the Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park and Saimaa.

Relax in the Tranquillity of Turku Archipelago at a Private Island Cabin

Resting on the South-West Coast of Finland, Turku Archipelago is one of the most beautiful locations for a cottage holiday on an island. Even if the majority of more than 20,000 islands and islets of Turku Archipelago have remained untouched, there are plenty of vacation rentals available for your seaside holiday in Finland. In Turku Archipelago, you don't have to worry about having a boat. There are many ways to do island hopping in Turku Archipelago; drive along the beautiful bridges and use the ferries (of which most are free of charge) that run several times a day during the summer season. If you're looking for a cabin or villa on an island, try the areas of Nauvo, Korppoo, Houtskari, Rymättylä and Airisto, for instance. Choose a vacation rental of your dreams as a base and spend your holiday at Turku Archipelago by driving or cycling the famous Archipelago Trails, discover the fascinating attractions of the Archipelago Sea or spend your cottage holiday by relaxing in a sauna, fishing, kayaking or trekking along the many nature trails of Turku Archipelago.

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