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Hetta, Enontekiö – Cottages and Vacation Rentals

The central village of Enontekiö, Hetta, with its surroundings is an ideal destination for a cottage holiday in the wilderness of Finnish Lapland. Even when renting a cottage in the village near all services, in Enontekiö, you always stay in the middle of nature enjoying the cleanest air in the world. Whether you prefer a well-equipped villa or a modest cabin in the untouched wilderness, on Gofinland, you’ll find accommodation that fits perfectly to your needs.

History and nature of Hetta area

The oldest dwellings discovered in Hetta area date back to the Stone Age. The findings reveal how people have settled on the shores of Lake Ounasjärvi, which is the starting point of River Ounasjoki, one of the most popular canoeing and fishing destinations in Finnish Lapland.

In Hetta, you’ll find Fell Lapland Nature Centre with its year-round exhibitions introducing Sámi culture and nature in Enontekiö and Hetta area. Walk along Jyppyrä Trail that starts from the nature centre and leads to the top of Jyppyrävaara Hill introducing the local history of Enontekiö and Hetta. Along the way, you’ll find another nature path, Peurapolku Trail, that explains the history of wild deer hunting in the area.

The best-known natural attractions in Enontekiö are Käsivarsi Wilderness Area located in ‘the raised arm of the Maiden of Finland’, Halti and Saana fells, and Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. When measured by area, Enontekiö is the third largest municipality in Finland, and 60 % of all Finnish fells locate in Enontekiö municipality. Thanks to its pristine nature, Enontekiö is a real dream destination for a cottage holiday in true wilderness.

Activities in Enontekiö and Hetta

In Hetta area, all activities are related to nature. Hike along the marked trail from Hetta all the way to Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park and take the popular Hetta-Pallas hiking route leading over the fells for 55 km all the way to Pallas.

The village of Hetta stands on the shore of Lake Ounasjärvi. Therefore Hetta is a perfect base for kayaking, boating or fishing trips. Rent a cabin along the River Ounasjoki, and you’re guaranteed to find the best fishing spots right on the porch of your rental cottage.

Hetta in Enontekiö is an ideal destination for mountain biking, mushroom and berry picking, birdwatching, geocaching as well as orienteering. In winter, there’s no better option for accommodation than a rental cottage when you’re hunting for Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland.

Find accommodation in Hetta, Enontekiö

Whether you’re travelling to Enontekiö for Northern Lights and other winter excursions, summertime hiking trips or to admire the autumn foliage, you’ll find your preferred cottage or another type of vacation rental easily with the help of Gofinland. Choose a luxurious villa in Hetta or a modest cabin in the wilderness, in Enontekiö you’ll always breathe the cleanest air in the world.

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