Polar Night Fox, from Hotel Nuuksio 1-1,5h nice evening walk to silent and dark forest


When the night comes and the stars wakes up on sky it is time to go out! 

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Autumn comes, the shadows are getting longer, darkness is sneaking around to the forest with a silent whisper of the nature. This is the moment of big experience of go out and see how the stars light up on the sky. This is an excellent choice if you feel the need to get something new. In this we make a nice walk inside Nuuksio national park. Normally suitable lenght is app. 3km. If we start before sunset the lenght can be a little bit longer. When there is no daylight left any more we beam up the headlights. During the trip you hear the stories of Nuuksio national park history and present things. Good group size is 8 - 20 person. Clothing according with weather condition, suitable shoes like hiking shoes with higher angle support. Departure and return from Hotel Nuuksio outside of the main entrance. (Address: Naruportintie 68 02860 Espoo, put location to navigator as Kirkkonummi). Duration: app. 1-1,5 hour.  If we have enough snow on ground we are using snowshoes on this trip. On the route we are using mostly existing tracks.

Ask also the possibilities to have a lunch/dinner before or after the trip.

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Basic information

further information: Pukeudu keliolosuhteiden mukaisesti, lämpimästi. Jalkineiksi kosteutta kestävät kengät, suosittelemme käyttämään vaelluskenkä-tyyppisiä jalkineita sillä mikäli lunta on sopivasti liikutaan lumikengillä.
Suitability: Aikuiset, normaalin liikuntakyvyn omaavat, reitillä paikoin nousuja sekä laskuja.
Difficulty: Helppo
Qualifications: Ammattioppaan johdolla tapahtuva luontoretki
Insurances: Tarkista että tapaturmavakuutuksesi kattaa toiminnan sisällön.
Address: Naruportintie 68, 02880, Espoo
Languages: Finnish English

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Hymyilevä Punakettu luonto- ja ohjelmapalvelu
Post address: Joupinmäensyrjä 10 B 18 02760 Espoo. Action place: Naruportintie 68 02860 Espoo
02760 Espoo
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