Säppi lighthouse

 Nature centre

Säppi lighthouse

The island of Säppi is a desirable destination for any tourist interested in marine life of the Baltic sea. Actually, the National Board of Antiquities has named the island as a nationally valuable landscape in Finland.

Säppi is characterized by an old lighthouse, with magnificent views to the sea. Thanks to its fertile bedrock, many endangered species live on the island, and because of its favorable location, it is also a popular place to rest for many migratory birds.

The island's specialties are the wild European mouflons that traditionally live in mountainous conditions in Southern Europe. The mouflons often want to stay hidden from the eyes, but with good luck you can also find them to be photographed!

A traveler coming from the mainland can make the 5.5 km long sea trip by an organized charter cruise. In the summer you can get to the island also by your own boat. The harbour, Kruununmöljä, is located on the north-western shore of the island.

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