Tour skating on Lake Saimaa


Tour skating on Lake Saimaa

There is no better way to feel truly alive than gliding on an icy lake in the twilight of the polar night. Saimaa offers you a chance to try out tour skating on its safe and well-managed ice routes. Tour skating is a fun and healthy activity for the entire family. The young ones can even come along in a sled. You can easily skate around the lake and stop at the rest areas to eat a packed lunch and have a cup of hot chocolate.

One of the longest ice skating routes of Saimaa goes through Linnansaari National Park. This national park is a nice representation of nature habitats in Finnish nature around Saimaa lakes. Saimaa is a unique area in many ways. It for example is the habitat of endangered Saimaa ringed seal. Winters are crucial time for the seal population, since they require some snow to make nests, where they can deliver new baby seals.

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