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Finnish Lakeland - Cottages and Vacation Rentals

Finland is said to be the land of a thousand lakes and for good reason. Lakes and water are an essential part of Finnish nature and landscape. We Finns like to spend our holidays near a lake and most of the summer cottages and holiday homes are located cozily next to some calming waters.

In the summer Lakeland cottages are full of people who've escaped the hectic life in the city. Relaxing on summer holidays means time spent in the Sauna, barbequed food, swimming and fishing. Different water sports like canoeing and sailing are also very popular. The nature blooms in the summer like nowhere else.

Lakeland life doesn’t stop in the winter. People like to visit the cottages also in wintertime when it’s popular to go ice fishing or skiing. Saunas are in good use and some brave individuals might even have a little swim in a hole made in the ice!

Lakeland is a large area in Finland so there are many places to visit and see. The heart of Lakeland is around lake Saimaa in the eastern Finland. Saimaa is the fourth largest lake in Europe, so there are many nice cities and sights around it. Other parts of Lakeland cover the central Finland and its magnificent landscapes.

You can find all kinds of log cabins, cottages and holiday homes from the Lakeland of Finland. They range from simple summer cabins to luxurious holiday houses with all the bells and whistles. Have a look and book the most relaxing holiday you’ve ever had!

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