Finland has the most inland waters in the world, meaning fish-rich lakes, long rivers and favourable seashores are found in many parts of the country. Whether looking for a good trolling place, a good fly fishing location or a tranquil spot, there are plenty of opportunities for fishing in both urban environments and remote wilderness areas.


Enjoy the silence of nature

About 188,000 lakes in Finland provide plenty of supply for all fishermen, from first-timers to experienced ones. Mirrored lakes, rowing boats, piers and lakeside saunas are familiar views from summer cottages of many Finns. In addition to the inland fishing locations, Finland’s 1100-km long coastal area provides endless opportunities for fishing. Most of Finland’s fishing locations are also ideal vacation destinations for the entire family.

The range of Finnish fish species is varied

Perch can be found in almost all Finnish waters and pike, often over one meter in length, can be caught in different parts of Finland. Pike perch, which belongs to the most common species of fish, is found in southern and central Finland lakes and along the southern shore of the sea. Fishermen looking for salmon and grayling should direct their excursions to northern Finland. Many fishermen claim that the best destinations can be found in Lapland, for example, in the Käsivarsi wilderness area you can catch grayling weighing even more than two kilograms. Tenojoki, the salmon fishing location named the best in Europe, offers breathtaking beautiful scenery apart from great fishing opportunities. During the summer, the northern part of the country offers fishing around the clock.

Fishing Licenses for Different Occasions

The need for fishing licenses is determined according to the desired fishing method. The rod license permits trolling, fly fishing, ice fishing and fishing in accordance with the terms of the fishing area in question. With a catch license you can fish with nets or fish traps and with a crayfish trapping license you can try your luck in all areas allowing crayfish trapping.

In most parts of Finland, all fishermen aged 18-64 years have to pay a fishing fee that allows fishing with one rod. The fee does not, however, allow fishing in separate restricted areas, such as in protected water areas, special license sites and in fish migration rivers. No fishing fee is required if the fishing is done by ice fishing, angling or when fishing herring with a rig.

Rental Cottages by the Best Fishing Spots

A cozy rental cottage in the immediate vicinity of a fishing spot is the best choice for a fishing vacation. There is plenty to choose from, depending on your preferences - a wilderness cabin in a nature setting or a cottage located in the immediate vicinity of services.

Good fishing locations can be found all over Finland:

1) Saimaa

The largest lake in Finland is very versatile when it comes to fish species. Rental cottages can be found on the Saimaa site.

2) Päijänne

The deepest lake in the country is the pride of entire central Finland. The nearest rental cottages to the Päijänne lake are located in Jyväskylä, Jämsä and Lahti.  

3) Inari

This great wilderness lake in Lapland impresses with its pure nature. It is worth exploring the nearby rental cottages on the Inari site.

4) Hossa

The most recently established national park in Finland has excellent fishing opportunities. Book a rental cottage near the Hossa National Park

5) Manamansalo

One of the largest inland islands provides a great setting for all fishing enthusiasts. Check out the nearest rental cottages here.

6) Kvarken archipelago

A World Heritage Site known for its unique nature. The nearest rental cottages are located in Mustasaari.  

7) Tenojoki river

The best salmon river in Europe is attracting fishermen year after year. Find good cottage options on the Utsjoki site.    

8) Tornionjoki river

An excellent destination especially for salmon and trout fishing. Rental cottages can be found in Tornio, Ylitornio and Pello.  

9) Turku archipelago

In the largest archipelago of the Northern Hemisphere, you find plenty of fascinating islands for both fishing and vacationing. Check out the Turku archipelago rental cottages.

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