Fatbike safaris to Häähnintupa available for order all year round


Get to know the mesmerizing Häähnintupa area by biking! During the excursion we will stop by Häähnintupa cottage and an observation tower. We will be riding at a brisk but comfortable speed while simultaneously enjoying the views. Small breaks for drinking water and taking photographs will also be had. When booking this safari, please remember to state what bike size you will be using. The size will be chosen according to your height: ( size S for 140-170 cm tall drivers, M for 165-180 cm, L for 175-187 cm and XL for over 182 cm )

Price 69 €/person

Min. 6 persons. Max 12 persons.


Cottage accommodation available! Ask more/book by calling +358 40 522 9886

Note! possible accommodation and sauna for additional price (=not included in the fatbike safari price)


Price includes:

  • Guide's services
  • Technical tips to fatbiking
  • Guidance in the nature
  • Instructions to fatbikes and biking according to the customers skill level
  • Route instructions
  • A quality fatbike (Trek Farley 5, 2021 model)
  • A helmet
  • Guide's liability insurance

Please bring along:

  • Excited and open mind
  • Clothing according to the weather
  • Biking or gym gloves
  • Sturdy shoes
  • A water bottle and at least 0,5 l of water
  • Sunglasses or cycling glasses
  • Accident and/or tavel insurance
  • Optional: your own helmet
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Basic information

further information: +358 44 345 6107/ Timo
Suitability: People of normal health and capable of biking
Difficulty: 1-3
Qualifications: Eräopas tai liikunnan ammattitutkinto/ eräpasopiskelija
Insurances: Tuottajan vastuuvakuutus
Address: Häähnintuvantie 160, 41540 , Hankasalmi
Languages: Finnish English

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Versona Oy
Puutarhakatu 15 a 11
40100 Jyväskylä
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