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Vallisaari and the nearby Kuninkaansaari are located right next to Suomenlinna, only a 20-minute boat ride from the Helsinki Market Square. During the long and colorful history, the islands have served as a home for hundreds of people and as a garrison for thousands of soldiers.

According to the legend, Vallisaari was known as the Lampisaari (”Pond Island”) in the Middle Ages, because seafarers often sought drinking water from its pond. It is believed that a small fortress was built in Vallisaari already at the time of the establishment of Helsinki in the 16th century. Certain information about the island's first fortresses, however, dates back to the next century.

You can find a lot to see and experience in Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari islands. The beautiful fortifications, historic buildings and the highly diverse nature tell their story of the centuries-long coexistence between people and nature.

The islands are also great places for hiking, as the guided routes lead to the main attractions of the area. The 3 km long Alexander Tour and the 2.5 km long Kuninkaansaari Island Tour can also be combined into one longer route. On the marked routes you will also find many resting places, water spots and dry toilets. In addition, Vallisaari harbor, café and guide services are available to all visitors.

Vallisaari is conveniently accessible either by your own boat or a waterbus running from the Helsinki Market Square in the summertime. Take a trip to these mysterious islands where time seems to stand still!

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