Hiking in Finland

There are plenty of different options for hiking or camping tours in Finland, as you can for example, head to forests, fells, the archipelago, Lake-Finland or some of Finland’s many national parks. Rental cottages near hiking and nature trails provide the opportunity to enjoy amenities in the middle of beautiful nature.

Popular hiking trails in Finland

The Kuusamo Karhunkierros (Bear's trail82 km) or the Little Karhunkierros (Little Bear's trail, 12 km)

The Karhunkierros or Bear's trail, is Finland’s most popular hiking trail that takes the hiker to the beautiful Oulanka national park landscapes in Kuusamo and Salla. Along the trail, you can admire the river landscapes of the area, crumbling cliffs and majestic canyons. You can also stop to listen to the mighty sounds of the rapids on the suspension bridges found along the route. If a 3- to 7-day hike on an 82 km long route sounds too challenging, the 4-6 hour small Karhunkierros will showcase the most spectacular scenery in a more compact fashion. When headed for Kuusamo a visit to the rental accommodation site of the Karhunkierros is worthwile.

The Hetta-Pallas Trail (55 km)

Established in 1934, the Hetta-Pallas hiking trail, in the heartland of Lapland, has over time gained a position among the classical Finnish hiking trails. As a counterbalance to the breathtaking fell scenery, the route takes its hikers, from time to time, into spectacular gorges. The nature of fell-Lapland is so pure that the water supply during the tour can be filled directly from the creeks. The optimal timing for hiking is from midsummer until the end of September. In addition to the Hetta-Pallas route, the Pallas-Yllästunturi national park offers a total of 350 km of summer hiking trails and 18 shorter nature trails. It is a good idea to find a suitable rental cottage from the Pallas-Yllästunturi national park selection.

The Nuuksio National Park trails

Thanks to its excellent accessibility, Nuuksio is one of Finland’s most popular national parks, offering a wide variety of hiking trails amongst clear ponds, rugged cliffs and wild forest. The clearly market trails are generally easy to navigate and are also suitable for the youngest in the family. The Maahinen route (2 km) is a good alternative for beginner hikers and is also suitable for wheelchairs. On the Punarinnankierros route (2 km), you can explore ancient woodland, walk on wooden trails, take a break at a lean-to shelter and admire the varied natural scenery. For those interested in longer excursions, it is recommended to try the 8 km long Korpinkierros route, which invites you to its beautiful forests, cliffs and lakeside scenery. The nearest rental cottages can be found on the Nuuksio national park site.

The Urho Kekkonen National Park trails

When in the gorgeous fell scenery of northern Lapland you can really appreciate and enjoy the purity and tranquility of nature. The Urho Kekkonen national park offers a wide variety of trails, from which the visitor can choose their favourite, according to their level. Shorter circular trails like, for example, Ahopää (14 km), Iisakkipää (3/7 km), Kirunapolku(6 km) and Luulammi (11 km) are particularly suitable for beginners and families with children. For a bit more challenge, there are plenty of longer wilderness trails that take hikers into the terrain for several days. Luirojärvi hiking tour (70-80 km) and Ruijanpolku (35 km) are especially suitable for experienced hikers who are interested in the tranquility of the wilderness. See accommodation and cottages near the Urho Kekkonen National Park.

The Herajärvi trail at Koli (30-61 km)

Hiking the Herajärvi trail is the best way to explore Koli, the most famous national landscape in Finland. The northern Karelian trail situated in a fell landscape take hikers to admire spectacular scenery and offers diverse natural landscapes in addition to fascinating cultural landscapes. Due to the high altitude variations, the Herajärvi trail also provides ample physical challenge. The Herajärvi trails can be experienced either via 61, 35 or 30 km long hikes, depending on your own choice. The area’s rental cottages can be found on the Koli site.

The Ketunlenkki trail in Repovesi national park, Kouvola (5 km) 

The 5 km long Ketunlenkki in the beautiful scenery of Repovesi national park offers multiple places of interest for hikers near the major centres of southern Finland. Along the route, you can walk on Lapinsalmi’s famous suspension bridge, travel on the Ketunlossi ferry and admire the splendid views from Katajavuori. There are also two resting places on the route, for convenient breaks along the route. The trail which takes approximately 2 hours is also ideal for families with children. The nearest rental cottages are listed on the Repovesi-Verla site.

Trail to the highest point of Finland: Halti (55 km)

Halti is one of the country’s most famous and popular hiking destinations, as on the fell (1324 meters above sea level) you can experience being at the top of Finland. The route to the wilderness area of the Käsivarsi wilderness area offers a unique alternative to many other hiking trails in Finland, as the fell scenery here is sharper than anywhere else in the country. Despite the steep terrain, the hiking trails are relatively smooth, making them suitable also for beginners. The starting point of the route is at the Kilpisjärvi lake, from where the journey to Halti, following the Kalotti route, is about 55 km long. The best time for hiking this trail is from early July to mid-September. The rental cottages available in this area are listed on the Enontekiö site.

A wilderness cabin serves as a base for hiking tours

Rental cottages near the hiking trails offer plenty of amenities to balance hiking in nature, since the cottages have bathing facilities, saunas, dining areas and soft beds which all seem like true luxury while hiking. Whether you are looking for a modest wilderness cabin or a rental cottage located in a residential area, Gofinland’s selection provides choices for every taste. When planning a trip, you should familiarize yourself with the Finnish wilderness cabins or find your own favorite directly from the national parks in Finland.

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