Nuuksio National Park trails

Nuuksio National Park is only 30 kilometers from Finnish capital Helsinki, and the road to Nuuksio is in excellent condition and maintained throughout the year. Due to it's close proximity to Helsinki, Nuuksio is one of the most popular National Parks in Finland. Nuuksio offers gorgeous clear watered lakes and ponds, steep cliffsides and ancient forests. The trails are marked with orange paint in the nature so they are visible during summer and winter time. The easy trails are suitable for families with kids and for those who are just beginning to start hiking as a hobby. 

Maahisenkierros route is a good choice for the beginners and families as it's suitable for those who go by wheelchairs too. There are a few stopping places along the trail where you can make a campfire and enjoy the scenery. Maahisenkierros route is 2 kilometers long, and you can venture further to the National Park if you want. The trails are kept in good condition throughout the year.

Punarinnankierros route opens up to ancient forests and walk in the swamp areas of the National Park. You can spot endangered flora and fauna in the National Park. Some of these species are living only in Southern Finland region. This route is also 2 kilometers long, but there are opportunities to venture further into the National Park. 

If you are interested in a longer trail, then head out to Korpinkierros trail which is 8 kilometers long. There are three different campfire places where you can take a break and enjoy the nature surroundings. There are some gorgeous forests and cliffsides in Korpinkierros trail.

These trails are just examples of many trails and routes which go in and out of the Nuuksio National Park. You can find more details about the trails from the links below. 

Korpinkierros route

Maahisenkierros route

Nuuksio area weather

Nuuksio weather conditions might change quite rapidly during spring and autumn time as the National Park is quite close to the seafront. You can check the specific weather forecasts for your trip from local weather services. Usually during summer time, if the sky is clear and cloudless there will be no rain. Be prepared for Finnish summer, as the surprising rainclouds can sneak upon you, so take rain-proof clothing with you! After the rain, the ground can stay wet for a long time and the cliffsides can become slippery. 

Nuuksio National Park 

Nuuksio National Park and the trails are quite easy to hike and trek, but there are some uphills and slippery down hills. The shortest routes in the area are suitable for families and beginners. The best time to go to Nuuksio National Park is in summer time or in autumn when the weather and wildlife is beautiful. The trails go along side natural formations such as rivers and lakes and hills. 

During winter and spring time, there are no official maintaining from goverment, but campers and hikers keep the tracks in good condition just by walking through. If you want more challenges for your treks, you can always venture outside the trails and routes. Starting your own adventure can really enhance the experience in Nuuksio. 

Activities in Nuuksio

In the National Park, there are more things to do than just hiking. You can go rock climbing, bouldering and explore the caves and caverns in the region. Get to know the forests in the National Park and study the wildlife. If you're not interested in that, you can always go fishing. You can get the fishing permits from service center Haukanpesä. There's much to do in Nuuksio for the whole family. Read more about the activities in Nuuksio from here.

Services in Nuuksio National Park

Finnish Nature Center Haltia functions as a local guiding information and you can get a lot of practical informationa about track conditions and other vital information about hiking in Nuuksio. There is also a local service center Haukanpesä where you can buy maps and other smaller items. Next to Haukanpesä you can find Cafe Silva where they have hot chocolate, coffee and snacks for weary travellers. They are always eager to help you!

Nuuksio is quite close to center of Espoo and you can find all the necessary services from there, this includes sports shops, grocery stores and other services which you might need before embarking on a hike. Nuuksio is only 15 kilometers away from Espoo. 

The primary treatment place in case of emergency is in Espoo. The roads to Nuuksio are clear so paramedics and first responders can be there quite fast. 

Accommodation in Nuuksio

From Gofinland's pages you find a comprehensive list of cottages and other accommodation possibilities in Nuuksio area. The closest cottages are in Kirkkonummi, Lohja and Vihti. Different options make the stay in Nuuksio more comfortable and makes a longer stay in the National Park possible. You can find the nearest rental cottages from the Nuuksio destination site.

If you have a car in your use, it's easy to enjoy the peace of nature in the cottage surroundings and make a few daytrips to Nuuksio National Park. Check out the possibilities for accommodation below!

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