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Gofinland's website offers you the best cottages and the most comfortable accommodation in Himos. You can book a suitable accommodation either directly near the Himos ski resort, the vicinity of Jämsä's services or, if you prefer, from the beautiful lake scenery. Whether you are looking for holiday cottages for a ski holiday, or for Himos Midsummer, there are plenty of cottages in our service for all your different needs. You can rent a cottage for yourself or your family and enjoy Himos ski slopes or summertime from Himos' unique mood.

Himos during the winter season

Himos is a year-round tourist center in Jämsä, central Finland, known for its popular events and comprehensive service offering. In winter, Himos' biggest attraction is a lively ski resort and good skiing grounds. In the 21 ski slopes of Himos ski resort, there is enough challenge for downhill skiing and snowboarding. Also a 20 km long trail network and a 5.9-km illuminated track serve kinds all skiing friends.

The winter season is the golden season for Himos, as the skiing cafés, after-ski bars and other services in the slopes will serve the visitors of the winter season. There are equipment rental companies in the area for sledding so that even the smallest members of the family can enjoy the slopes.

The tourist season of Himos is not limited to the winter. In Himos you can have the opportunity of completing an 18-hole golf course or an 18-track frisbeegolf track. During your stay at Himos you can also go hiking with nature trails, enjoy nature outdoors, fish in clean waters or go for a canoeing trip.

Himos Midsummer

Himos' most famous summertime culminations include midsummer. The Himos Midsummer Festival is celebrated as a yearly tradition since 1999, which is held in conjunction with Himos Ski Resort. Domestic top artists, foreign guests and other celebrities gather to produce one of Finland's most outstanding festivals. On average, more than 40,000 visitors, the Himos Midsummer is a must-have experience for all those who enjoy the spirit of outdoor sports and the most popular performers. Himos Midsummer can provide a variety of activities and activities in connection with the festivals. The summer festival in summer is one of the highlights of the Finnish summer.

Along with music, as a midsummer festival in Himos, you can also explore various activities in the festival area. Among other things, there are foam parties, rafts and various performances in the center of Himos. In Himos, you also have the chance to do a bungee jump or ride the rodeo bull! At Himos Midsummer, there won't be certainly not a dull moment!

In addition to program services and various activities, there are many restaurants in the area and many places to eat on the spot for Himos Midsummer. There are gourmet food, grilled food and everything in between! Delicacies and meals for midsummer can be found in Himos.

If you want a decent excitement for Himos for your vacation, you can rent an ATV or take part in an ATV safari. The local guide shows Himos the best places and tells stories about the region's history. It is also possible to rent mountain bikes and to go hiking along the routes of Himos. There are many routes, ranging from easy to demanding.

Himos summer

At Himos Midsummer, you can enjoy a wide selection of artists and peace brought by nature. Even though there is lot of activities and events in the center of Himos, it is still possible to go hiking and enjoy the beautiful nature of the area, for example with a fatbike or boating. The routes in the area for bicycles are well marked and there are variations in variation due to differences in altitudes and fluctuations in the terrain.

Accommodation in Himos during Midsummer

Gofinland's website is a good idea to check accommodation for rent at the time of Himos midsummer. Gofinland's website has over 450 different rental cabins and accommodation options in Jämsä. The largest area of ​​our rental camps is located in the immediate vicinity of the slopes! Check out the most suitable cottage on our site and book for yourself and your friends accommodation at Himos Midsummer!

In addition to the cottages, there is also a caravan area, hotel, coffeeshops and multiple restaurants in the area of ​​Himos. From the equipment rental companies you will find all the necessary equipment for skiing, snowboarding and skiing. Your own skiing skills can be greatly improved at Himos Ski School.

Lots of events in the vicinity of the cottages

Himos hosts a wealth of popular music events throughout the year. On weekends at Himos Arena, the tourists entertain the top Finnish artists and, during big events, there is enough entertainment for Himos for several days. The most celebrated events include Himos Midsummer, Iskelmä Festival and Jysäri, which focuses on the 90's music.

It is easy to reach Himos from further away, as the location guarantees good connections with both your own car and public transport. Himos is about 10 km from Jämsä center, 52 km from Jyväskylä and 232 km from Helsinki.

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Himos has a lot of varied accommodation for both families and larger groups of friends. The most comfortable accommodation in the year-round Himos rentals are located near the slopes. Below you can find the most popular Himos cottages in Gofinland!

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