Hunting holidays in Finland

Finnish nature offers vast opportunities for anyone interested in hunting. In addition to catching game, you are enjoying an exceptional nature experience. The range of species to be hunted in Finland ranges from lesser game to wild boars, deer and bears.

Where Is Hunting Allowed?

In Finland hunting rights are tied to land ownership. It is permissible to hunt for all permitted game on one’s own property, and if one wishes to do so, hunting rights can also be leased or handed over. The owner of a hunting license may also grant temporary licenses permitting hunting.

Non-landowners must either obtain a hunting permit or lease a permit to be able to hunt. All permanent residents in Finland have the right to hunt on state-owned property that has not been handed over to anyone. For a hunting novice the easiest is to purchase a hunting license for state lands. In areas managed by the Metsähallitus, the Finnish Forest and Park Service, hunting for lesser game, moose and bears is allowed.

Joining a hunting club allows hunting on non-landowner property. Most hunting clubs sell hunting licenses that allow hunting on property managed by the club, for a predetermined time.

The Best Hunting Grounds in Finland

Dabbling ducks particularly favour low, nutritive and protective waters. The best places for hunting are especially shallow lakes and seaside bays. Good duck lakes can even be found close to metropolitan areas, as long as you look for suitable areas on the map or ask for advice from local hunters. Water birds for hunting can also be found in fields.

The inner and outer archipelago are the best places for hunting water birds. Especially in the inner archipelago one can find plenty of dabbling ducks. During migration birds that are usually found out at sea can also be found abundantly in inland waterways.

The best spots for rabbit hunting are at the edges of forests, the forest strips between fields and crossings of paths. Because rabbits have a habit of moving in circles, it often returns to from where it originated. For this reason it is best to stay where the rabbit took off.

Hunting Restrictions

Many wild animals in Finland are protected, which is why they can only be hunted during a certain period of the year. August is the time for hunting dabbling and diving ducks, and in September, hunting is extended to familiar seabirds - such as the long-tailed duck, goosander and red-breasted merganser. The moose-hunting season begins in late September and ends at the turn of the year. The hunting times for grouse are set in the hunting regulations, but during weak bird years the season is typically shortened at the end.

A wilderness cabin is the best choice for hunting

Gofinland’s accommodation selection includes a large number of hunting cottages all across Finland. Whether you are looking for a small and unpretentious wilderness cabin in the forest or for a big cottage fitting the entire hunting group, there are plenty of choices available.

See wilderness cabins in Finland.

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