Outdoors for Dummies in Hyvinkää


As the group of friends begins to get tired of the bumpy batch trips to Central Park and the fateful Vantaanjoki beer drink floats, Wildmind comes to the rescue! Whether your group is made up of experienced wilderness jerks or preferably indoor cats leaning the oven bank, there's something for everyone!

The Outdoors for Dummies begins by bringing everyone to the gathering place with the food, except for what they would imagine they would need in a day at the wilderness. The day begins with a kick-off coffee, as we inspect what's in everyone's backpack. The task is easy because, in our experience, every person who goes out into the wild always has "just the right gear". The goal is to prove during the day that the equipment you choose really fits in the wild, even for an incredible amount of time. The equipment is still a little strewn with a mysterious sealed lunch bag.

When the coffee is drunk, the eyes are open and the guy's choice of equipment is secretly judged, we go out. We have selected the place that best fits the nature of your group. There is no need for superlative racing, as a walk in nature is also tailored to suit the group. Mystical cookie bags can also be shattered for a moment.

Outdoors for Dummies come in two sizes, either four or six hours long. The idea behind the four-hour package available in our Webshop is that once you get out of the woods, you still have time to eat, lounging in the spa, or making the last financial statement of the company. The six-hour package also includes main course, cooked under the guidance of a guide, and no one can think of work when cooking! For a six-hour package, please contact our customer service at info@wildmind.fi or call +358 (0)10 200 6500.

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Basic information

further information: The place for the start-up meeting for the event will always be arranged separately with the client. From the start-up meeting, we will move (by cars) to Usmi beach in Hyvinkää, Usminjärvi. Participants will need outdoor clothing and shoes as well as optional equipment. Wildmind takes care of everything else, including special diets.
Suitability: Suitable for people over 12 years in normal fitness.
Difficulty: Easy
Qualifications: The guides have a degree in guidance of outdoor activities as well as a valid first aid qualification.
Insurances: The organizer has a liability insurance to cover damages caused by the organizer's errors. In addition, participants are advised to take out casualty insurance.
Address: Usminjärventie 206, 05800, Hyvinkää
Languages: Finnish English
Links: http://kauppa.willimieli.fi

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Luonto-osuuskunta Willimieli
Juhanintie 2 C 11
11130 Riihimäki
+358 (0)45 145 0415 info@willimieli.fi
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