Isojärvi National Park

Isojärvi National Park
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Isojärvi National Park - Cottages and Vacation Rentals

The Isojärvi National Park features a varied landscape with rocks, steep cliffs, rippling brooks, small ponds and mires. The park bears clear signs of its former logging culture: The Heretty cabin used to accommodate horsemen and the Lortikka cabin housed loggers. The dug-out bike path once prepared between the cabins is now a hiking and mountain biking route. The summer café at the Heretty cabin serves fresh pastries and other local delicacies. The other end of the cabin once served as accommodation for supervisors, but is now used by visitors to the national park. The Lortikka cabin in the heart of the park can be booked for overnight stays by large groups. In winter, the Lake Isojärvi area is ideal for snowshoeing. In summer, canoeing, rowing and bilberry picking are worth a try in addition to hiking. Now that all of the migrant loggers have gone, the most hard-working logger and famous inhabitant of the park is the mysterious beaver. You will not necessarily see a beaver, but you cannot miss the traces of its work!

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