Isojärvi National Park

Isojärvi National Park
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Isojärvi National Park - Rental cottages and holiday homes

In the Isojärvi National Park, cliffs, solitary streams, small ponds and swamps make the national park varied The national park between Kuhmoinen and Jämsä is like a window to the past. The cottages of the lumberjacks built in the vicinity of the ravines tell a story of what kind of life it was there in the lumberjack times. Old and huge boulders can be found along the national park's trails. In the Isojärvi National Park there are nature conservation areas, true wilderness and lush vegetation. This 28km² national park offers great moments with shorter day trips, but hikers also have the option of walking longer trails in Isojärvi national park.

Heretty routes

Routes to the National Park leave from the Heretty's Old lumberjack Café, which was built in the winter of 1946-47. Back then the cabin worked as a base for the lumberjacks as a workstation. Today, the Café also has accommodation facilities where tired limbs can be healed after a long trek. Heretty's's 3.5 km long nature trail introduces visitors to the old forestry business and traditions of the area. The routes of Heretty can be applied during the trip and hikers can also go on longer routes in the National Park. Along the way, one can also come to one of Finland's most famous boulders, resting on three footsteps, King of the Hill.

King of the Hill

The most popular sights of Isojärvi is a huge boulder called King of the Hills. This boulder has formed in the area thousands of years ago, when the open sea still covered the area. It has also been considered that the King of the Hill is an ancient place of worship for Finns of old days. A gigantic stone weighing 10 tons rests on three footstones.

The routes of Kuhmoinen and Isojärvi

The routes of Isojärvi National Park take the trekkers to many different areas. In the area there are forest areas killed by Canadian beavers, which bring biodiversity to the area and bring out new species. Most of the routes, such as Lortikka, are challenging to navigate due to differences in altitude. The Isojärvi National Park's routes are marked with orange or red paint in nature, and the routes from Kalalahti are marked with blue paint. Between the Heretty and Lortikka cottages, the flat bicycle path now serves as a hiking and mountain biking trail.

At Heretty's cottage there is a summer café where fresh pastries and other local delicacies can be obtained. The sharp head of the cabin was previously occupied by the management team of the lumberjacks, and currently accommodates visitors to the National Park. There is also an atmospheric sauna where you can relax after the journey. Lortikka cottage at the heart of the park can be reserved for larger groups to stay overnight.

Isojärvi National Park and accommodation

The closest rental cottages can be found in Orivesi, Jämsä and Kuhmoinen. From rental cottage it is easy to make day trips to central Finland's national parks such as Seitseminen National Park or Helvetinjärvi National Park. Isojärvi National Park is ideal for winter skiing, snowshoeing and winter trekking. In summer, besides walking and hiking, you can try melon, soup and picking berries and mushrooms.

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