Laurinmäki cultural area

 Cultural landmark

Laurinmäki cultural area


The natural and cultural area of Laurinmäki is a place where history, culture, scenery and nature in its many forms meet. The whole Laurinmäki area is culturohistorically valuable: in the vicinity of Laurinmäki Crofter's Museum that was established in 1965 you can find Hakoinen Castle, the Spring of Saint Lawrence and the Medieval Church of Janakkala. There is also a crofters' memorial in the museum area, erected by Torpparien muisto ry in 1969, and some trenches dug by Russians in 1915. Laurinmäki nature trail starts at the Crofter's Museum and follows a two-kilometer route in a diverse forest. The trail leads the hiker to the top of rocky Määkynmäki from which there are spectacular views to the direction of Lake Kernaala and Hakoinen Castle. In summer there is a charming café in the Yellow House and events are organized in the area all year round.
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