Suurisuo Swamps

 Natural landmark

Suurisuo Swamps


It is easy to get to the swamp along Suurisuo´s duckboards. Suurisuo belongs to Natura network and it is one of the most remarkable swamps in Southern Tavastia. The swamp complex is an example of a Southern Finnish ombrotrophic raised bog which also has some features of a minerotrophic bog. In an ombrotrophic raised bog, the middle part of the swamp is raised, low in nutrients and depends on rain waters. More nutritious waters flow to the edges of the swamp which shows in more eutrophic types of swamps on edge zones. In the swamp, you can see the types of swamps typical of a Southern Finnish ombrotrophic raised bog which are illustrated at pole-marked locations, the brochure and the web pages.

Nature in the swamp is diverse, on the edges there are deep forests and pine bogs; in the middle there is a treeless bog. There are numerous endangered and rare plant and insect species and birds at Suurisuo. There is also a bird watching tower and great berry picking areas at Suurisuo.

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