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In addition to Puuhamaa, you can also find many other fantastic tourist attractions in Puuha Bear's place of domicile, Janakkala.The milieu of Janakkala village with its medieval stone church, crofter's museum, summer cafés and nature trails offers you an enjoyable trip to history. Those with nimble feet can on the same trip climb to the top of the gorgeous castle hill of Hakoinen for a picnic. In Janakkala, nature is close everywhere. You only need to take a few steps away from the suburban asphalt and you can already dive into the arms of a mossy forest. Nature in Janakkala offers not only breathtaking views from rigdes and castle hills, damp marshlands with duckboards, fascinating canoe routes, numerous swimming and campfire places and wilderness scenery with its forest ponds, but also illuminated outdoor routes for brisk walks or cross-country skiing.

The civic centers of Tervakoski and Turenki provide you with all the necessary services, they have nice cafés and restaurants and summer terraces. Especially worth mentioning are Restaurant Turenki Station that focuses on organic and local food and the adorable TalliCafé with its gift shop in Tervakoski.

Charming Kiipula opens its doors for tourists even wider than before, offering also accommodation services. Kiipula is located in an area with excellent outdoor opportunities, and they also have a café-shop called Miinantori that sells organic products from their own garden and vegetable gardens.

The event map of Janakkala features e.g. Janakkala Music Days in March, three summer theaters, Janakkala Baroque in summer, KiipFit Trail Run running event in autumn, Christmas opening of Laurinmäki, and a number of other cultural and sports events.

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