Tour to Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari


On year 2016 the military forces left this fortress, which consists of two islands, Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari. Nowadays these sites are open to public, and kept in good and safe condition by Finnish Forestry Government. Ketunretket provides guided tours for groups to these islands. Our guides are authorized by the Forestry Government, and we can take you also to the areas of the southern parts of the island, that are normally closed from the public. Here you can hear stories of the rebellion of Sveaborg, headless colonel and see the enormous nature.

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Basic information

further information: Tour starts at Helsinki Market Square, in the quay of Lyypekinlaituri. We will board a ferry that takes us to Vallisaari harbor Torpedo Bay. From the bay we will walk around Vallisaari, following so called "Tour de Alexander", during which we have the opportunity to hear historical and fictional stories from the Vallisaari island. After the Alexander route, we return back to the Torpedo bay for some refreshments and continue our day by heading to the Kuninkaansaari (King's Island). Our tour climbs up to the Kuninkaansaari artillery fortress and visits also the southern seaside cliffs of the island. After walking around the route we return back to Torpedo bay and return to the Market Square of Helsinki. Products and Services Delivery Terms: Shipping cost will be added to price according to the selected delivery method Tuotteiden ja Palvelujen Toimitusehdot: (Suomi) Toimituskustannukset lisätään hintoihin valitun toimitustavan mukaan
Suitability: This tour is suitable for travelers, who are interested in old Russian military islands and Helsinki history. Both islands, Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari have cobble-stone and gravel roads, so good shoes are essential to have with you.
Difficulty: Moderate
Qualifications: Ketunretket consists of professional and authorized travel guides, specialized in history of Helsinki and Suomenlinna fortress. Our guide Timo has also qualification for nature- and wilderness tour guide profession.
Insurances: Ketunretket does not provide insurance for the travelers. You need to have your own insurance,
Address: Jouninkuja 2, 04420, Jouninkuja 2
Languages: English Finnish

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