Heritage Santa Claus visit


The authentic Santa Claus (Joulupukki in Finnish) starts his journey to the children homes early enough to reach the families in good time. The parents are advised to be in contact early to make sure that the visit can be provided...

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Basic information

further information: Santa Claus services are provided in customer's homes and additionally in the "pikkujoulu" events as requested. Products and Services Delivery Terms: Shipping cost will be added to price according to the selected delivery method Tuotteiden ja Palvelujen Toimitusehdot: (Suomi) Toimituskustannukset lisätään hintoihin valitun toimitustavan mukaan
Suitability: Santa Claus visit is suitable to everyone that has been good enough!
Difficulty: Low
Qualifications: Santa Claus and Mama Santa have long experience on their job - you remember when you were young, they did look exactly the same?
Insurances: Santa Claus and Mama Santa customers are not insured by the provider, so it is advisable to have your own free-time insurance.
Address: Jouninkuja 2, 04420, Jouninkuja 2
Languages: English Finnish

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Jouninkuja 2
04420 Järvenpää
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