Private excursion to Hyvinkää Sveitsi Wilderness Forest


Experience unique Finnish wildlife in an easy way. We can find trees, swamps, small hills, bird sounds - and of course the unique silence of nature! Sveitsi Wilderness is located just beside Hyvinkää an area some 60 kilometers from Helsinki. Depending on the group size, you will have a safe private transport with a Timo's own Avensis or 8-seat van from your hotel or airport and personal guide with you all the time in the forest. We will have an easy hike in the forest, get experience how to make an open fire and grill the Real Finnish Forest Food - sausages.

This tour is fully customizable according to your requests; we can also visit the world-famous Hyvinkää Railway Museum nearby. Please ask for a customized tour!

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Basic information

further information: This tour is fully customizable according to your requests. We can start from Helsinki and drive to Hyvinkää (60km) and hike into the wilderness of Usmi forest, to prepare pancakes in a resting fire-allowed site. Products and Services Delivery Terms: Shipping cost will be added to price according to the selected delivery method Tuotteiden ja Palvelujen Toimitusehdot: (Suomi) Toimituskustannukset lisätään hintoihin valitun toimitustavan mukaan
Suitability: This tour is suitable for travelers wishing to feel a real Finnish forest low level sounds and silence. Suitable for people being able to walk on soft and sometimes wet ground without whining, wishing to find some of the ultimate roots of Finnish happiness - Finland has been found to be the happiest country in the world - why? Try to find the reason!
Difficulty: Moderate
Qualifications: Ketunretket consists of professional and authorized travel guides, specialized in Helsinki and Hyvinkää areas. Our guide Timo is also a qualified nature- and wilderness guide.
Insurances: Ketunretket does not provide insurance services to travelers. You need to have your own leasure time insurance coverage.
Address: Jouninkuja 2, 04420, Jouninkuja 2
Languages: English Finnish

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Jouninkuja 2
04420 Järvenpää
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