Kellokoski Iron Works tour


You will hear fascinating stories about the owners of the Iron Works and the patients of the old mental hospital. Who was the famous Princess of Kellokoski? How were the patients treated? We will also visit the Hospital Museum and  the Chapel on our tour. You can also visit the local arts & crafts shops or have lunch or a cup of coffee at the cosy Kinuskilla restaurant in the ironworks.

This tour is planned for groups coming by coach. The tours include a visit to the Hospital museum and a walking tour in the Iron Works area.

Our guides Arja and Timo are happy to customize the tour according to your requests, so feel free to contact us.

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Basic information

further information: Tour guide Arja Nieminen is a professional travel guide and group leader in Finland. Products and Services Delivery Terms: Shipping cost will be added to price according to the selected delivery method Tuotteiden ja Palvelujen Toimitusehdot: (Suomi) Toimituskustannukset lisätään hintoihin valitun toimitustavan mukaan
Suitability: The tour is suitable for travelers wishing to visit Tuusula Kellokoski Iron Works area with a guide. Transport from Helsinki can be arranged for 7 - 16 - 32 -54 visitors by van or coach.
Difficulty: Easy
Qualifications: Ketunretket consists of two professional and authorized travel guides, Arja and Timo. Arja has a long history as a travel guide and a travel group leader who specializes in Tuusula Great Artist Road sites. Timo is a nature and wilderness guide and authorized Helsinki travel guide.
Insurances: Ketunretket is not providing insurance coverage for the customers. We suggest that our passengers check their own leisure insurance coverage on this kind of walking tours.
Address: Jouninkuja 2, 04420, Jouninkuja 2
Languages: English Finnish

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