Draisine Adventure


Guided draisine adventure takes place on the narrow-gauge Jokioinen Museum Railway in the area of Jokioinen and Humppila municipalities. The Museum Railway is located in southwestern Häme near Forssa. The draisine adventure is suitable for people over 15 years of age.

The entire museum railway is 14 kilometers long. The excursion begins at Minkiö Museum Railway Station, where the track is 8 km to Humppila and 6 km to Jokioinen.

During the draisine adventure you will have time to pump from Minkiinen to Jokioinen or Humppila and back. If the customer orders campfire coffee as an extra service at the Palomäki stop, a trip in the direction of Humppila is made.

The guide prepares the draisines for use before the start of the trip and also takes care of the final steps after the trip. During the adventure, the guide explains the history of the railway and the nature of the area.

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Basic information

further information: Meeting in front of the yellow station cafe at Jokioinen Museum Railway Minkiö station. Please be equipped with weatherproof outdoor equipment, backpack and water bottle.
Suitability: Suitable for people over 15 years in normal fitness.
Difficulty: Easy
Qualifications: The guides have a degree in guidance of outdoor activities as well as a valid first aid qualification.
Insurances: The organizer has a liability insurance to cover damages caused by the organizer's errors. In addition, participants are advised to take out casualty insurance.
Address: Kiipuntie 49 (Minkiön asema - Minkiö station), 31630, Minkiö
Languages: Finnish English

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