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Siiponjoki is a river and a nature destination in the Kalajoki region. The river runs to the Gulf of Botnia, bit south from the Kalajoki harbor. The soil in the area is mostly sand, so the river is constantly sculpting the landscape. Due to the soil, the river meanders a lot, creating lush and dense groves to the riverside. Siiponjoki is an ideal trekking destination for nature loving people. There is a 20 kilometers long nature trail around the area. The trail is about 20 kilometers long and The start and end points of the Siiponjoki Nature Trail are located in front of Tapion Tupa close to Highway no. 8, two kilometers from the marine nature center. The route runs across the gorgeous pine heaths onto the banks of the River Siiponjoki. There are two lean-to shelters and a Lapp 'kota' hut on the riverbanks.
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