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Kalajoki - Cottages and Vacation Rentals

The Kalajoki sandbanks are one of the most popular travel destinations in Finland. They are known for their impressive nature and versatile opportunities for leisure activities. Especially in the summer, the most popular choice of accommodation in the area is a rented cottage. There are countless different cottages of varying sizes available. Hotel accommodation is also available in Kalajoki. The most popular destinations in the Kalajoki sandbanks are the sea nature centre, the JukuPark water park, the golf course and many interesting events. The Kalajoki cottages have good traffic connections to all of these. The sea plays a large role in Kalajoki. You can get into a marine mood on the long sandy beaches and in the lively marina. The Kalajoki sandbanks offer a setting for many different forms of sport. The sea has good opportunities for water sports. The large networks of trails near the sandbanks are suitable for skiing and jogging. Bicycling and horse racing are also popular activities.

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