canoeing and river rafting

Canoeing offers a variety of experiences, as according to your own preference, you can go paddling with a canoe on a calm lake, balancing on a stand-up paddle boards, adventure through the archipelago in a kayak, or experience the thrill of the rapids. Canoeing is also suitable for beginners, as regular swimming skills are sufficient for starting the hobby and with a short guidance you get information regarding safety issues. The Gofinland selection offers many interesting paddling activities, where you can explore the sport with the help of an experienced guide.

Kajakkimelontaa koskella

Thrilling rapids can be tested, for instance, at the Kymijoki rivers in Kouvola.

Canoeing: enjoying the tranquil natural landscapes

Canoeing is an ideal summer activity that can be carried out easily, for example, in the immediate vicinity of a cottage. The activity is best suited to calm lake environments, as when on a lake, currants or large waves do not usually interfere with moving about. Single or two-seater open canoeing does not require much training, so the hobby is also great for beginners.

There are endless of good canoeing spots all over Finland. In the summer, guided canoeing trips are offered at, for example, The Turpoonjoki river in Tammela and in Pitkäjärvi and Siikajärvi lakes in Nuuksio.

Kayaking: touring along waterways

Kayaking can be done both on lakes, on rivers and on the sea, thus providing an endless amount of opportunities for anyone interested in moving on water. Traveling in a kayak enables exploring unknown areas and discover new islands. Kayaking also provides excellent exercise for the whole body. Due to the storage space in the kayak equipment needed for excursions is easily carried.

The best canoeing spots in Finland:

1) Inari

The Inari lake archipelago has many canoeing routes and cozy resting places. The nearest rental cottages can be found on the Inari site. 

2) Rahja archipelago

Rahjan saaristo

In the Rahja archipelago, near Kalajoki, you can explore the beautiful nature in the archipelago.

3) The Helsinki-Porvoo -route

The sea route from the capital to the idyllic nearby city of Porvoo. Accommodation can conveniently be arranged in a rental cottage in Porvoo. 

4) Mustiojoki valley

The route on Mustiojoki river from Mäntsälä to Porvoo. A cottage can be booked either in the Mäntsälä or the Porvoo area.

5) Loimijoki canoeing route

A tranquil river route leading from Liesjärvi national park to Alastaro. Rental cottages are available on the Loimaa site.

6) Kuopio Kallavesi

Kuopio Kallavesi offers great opportunities for both guided and independent canoe tours. Available rental cottages can be found on the Kuopio site.

7) The Turku archipelago

This island-packed region provides an endless selection of routes. Look for suitable cottages here.


Whitewater rafting: for those who enjoy speed

Whitewater rafting is at its best an entertaining event where you can share an action-filled activity with other participants. When rafting with rubber-rafts, the best seats are located right at the front of the raft, giving you a real feel of the rapids. Tourism companies operating all around Finland organize guided rafting tours, ideal for beginners, during the summertime.

The best rafting sites in Finland are:

1) Langinkoski in Kouvola

Kouvola’s Langinkoski waterfalls can be enjoyed on a guided tour. See the Three rapids tour.

Kolmen kosken elämysretki

2) The famous rapids of Kotka

The free flowing waters of the Kymijoki river can be explored on a guided group tour.

3) Other Kymijoki rapids

Kymijoki rapids are well suited to beginners. Rental cottages can be found in the Heinola and Kouvola areas.

4) Oulanka national park, Kuusamo

Rafting experiences in the beautiful landscapes of Koillismaa. Accommodation options are available on the Karhunkierros (Bear's trail) site.

Karhunkierros Kuusamossa

5) Ounasjoki rapids in Rovaniemi

An arctic alternative to river rafting. Rental cottages are available on the Rovaniemi site.

6) Tornionjoki rapids

Easily reachable spots offering challenges even for experienced rafters. Visit the Ylitornio site for accommodation.

7) Muonionjoki rapids

In the river forming the border between Finland and Sweden, you can enjoy many clean rapids. A selection of rental cottages are available on the Muonio site.

8) The Ruunaa rapids in Lieksa

Allegedly Finland’s best conditions for rafting. Try it yourself! A canoeing trip will be more comfortable if staying a cozy rented cottage.


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