Fatbike excursion on Deer tracks in Salamajärvi national park year round


Available for order year round!

This guided fatbike excursion is a memorable journey into the summery Salamajärvi (literally: Lightning lake) national park. Experience the peace and quiet of a national park while biking at a comfortable speed. The nature in Salamanjärvi national park is bleak and beautiful - many consider it to be similar to Lappish nature. 

During this excursion we will ride the 6,5 km way between Ahvenlampi and Pyydyskoski back and forth (13 km in total). Option to hike 1,5 kilometers to Pahkahonka and have a coffee break there. During winter season, the excursion starts at Koirasalmi.

At the beginning of the excursion, the guide introduces the participants to fatbikes and gives tips on how to ride them. We will bike on forest tracks through beautiful boreal forest. At times we will go over small swamps. The excursion consists of 13 kilometers of biking and 3 kilometers of hiking in total. The difficulty level of this excursion is 2-3 which is suitable for people of normal health.


Point of departure: Ahvenlampi parking lot

The excursion is 4 hours long. Minimum participants required: 5.

These excursions do not have prescheduled dates, they are arranged based on customer orders.

Price per person 69 €

Price includes:

  • Guide's services
  • Technical tips to fatbiking
  • Guidance in the nature
  • Instructions to fatbikes and biking according to the customers skill level
  • Route instructions
  • A quality fatbike (Trek Farley 5, 2021 model)
  • A helmet
  • Guide's liability insurance

Please bring along:

  • Excited and open mind
  • Clothing according to the weather
  • Biking or gym gloves
  • Sturdy shoes
  • A water bottle and at least 0,5 l of water
  • Sunglasses or cycling glasses
  • Accident and/or tavel insurance
  • Optional: your own helmet
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Basic information

further information: 044 345 6107/ Timo
Suitability: Pyöräilytaitoisille, peruskuntoisille
Difficulty: 1-3
Qualifications: Eräopas tai liikunnan ammattitutkinto/ eräpasopiskelija
Insurances: Tuottajan vastuuvakuutus
Address: Ahvenlampi, 43900, Kinnula
Languages: Finnish English
Links: http://versona.fi/fi/

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