Good Spirit Canoeing, open canoes at lake Siikajärvi Nuuksio


Take your group and get known whats this is all about! Open Canoeing!..

You do not need any previous experience, it is enough if you have proper swimming skills. Lake Siikajärvi is a perfect enviroment to start with basics.You don't find any big waves or rapid water from this lake. Sometimes wind gives you a little bit of challenge but that's only fun. 

At the beginning we go through safety instructions, the basic of paddling technique and what to do with the paddle. Before canoeing any further we shall have a nice time of practice. Then we shall begin our enjoyful canoeing just following the coastline, target is to go around one small island where is placed "three cities" border pole.

What you need with you? Sandals or light joggingshoes, we prefer bare foot paddling. Otherwise clothing should be among the weather conditions. With sunny days remember to take your sunglasses and sunoil with you as well as water bottle and spare clothes (in case if you some how manage to fall of from canoe. Check out that your accindent/travel incurance covers this kind of action and if you have an allergic medication or similar to that, be sure that you take those with you. 

After this event you can already start to think about a new hobby for yourself and thinking of joining to our canoeing course! 


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Basic information

further information: Before buying confirm with emailing that your request date and time is available. Price includes: Pre- arrangement, open canoe epp3 guide service, needed equipment to canoeing (paddle, paddling vest, canoe per 2person, waterproof bag for small gears).  Duratation: app. 2 hour Length: app. 2 - 4 km depending on paddling skills of the group Available: May - October, depending on the weather conditions Location: Hotel Nuuksio, Naruportintie 68 02860 Espoo (set navigator to Kirkkonummi instead of Espoo). Gathering outside of the Hotel Nuuksio main entrance. Maplink Language: English
Suitability: To all who has swimming skills and normal walking ability
Difficulty: Swimming skill needed, easy or medium
Qualifications: Leaded by official euro paddle pass open canoe level 3 canoeing guide.
Insurances: Check out that your accident insurance cover this action.
Address: Hotelli Nuuksio, Naruportintie 68 , 02880, Espoo
Languages: Finnish English

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Hymyilevä Punakettu luonto- ja ohjelmapalvelu
Post address: Joupinmäensyrjä 10 B 18 02760 Espoo. Action place: Naruportintie 68 02860 Espoo
02760 Espoo
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