Koli National Park

Koli National Park

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Koli National Park – Cottages and Vacation Rentals

Koli is famous for its national landscape that has inspired famous Finnish artists, writers and poets throughout times. To enjoy the beautiful scenery in Koli, accommodation nearby is easy to find with the help of Gofinland. Find a rental cottage in the middle of the pristine nature or a luxurious villa near the natural attractions of Koli National Park. Gofinland covers all types of vacation rentals from small cabins to large holiday apartments.

Hiding in Eastern Finland, Koli area features a group of forested hills rising above the beautiful Lake Pielinen. Koli has been a significant attraction for travellers for more than a century; the oldest official hiking trail dates back to 1896. Koli with its breathtaking scenery has inspired many iconic Finnish artists from composer Sibelius to painter Järnefelt. No wonder that Koli is one of the official national landscapes of Finland.

Introducing Koli National Park

Most of the Koli area is included in Koli National Park. This national park consists of three different regions; the first area holds the highest peak of the Ukko-Koli ridge. The second area comprises traditional farmhouses and the cultural landscapes of ancient Finland. The third area is the rest of the park where nature is preserved in its original state.

The vast network of hiking trails lead you to the most impressive natural attractions of Koli National Park; admire the sunrise on the top of Mäkrävaara hill and visit the 33-long z-shaped cave ‘the Devil’s Church’. Thanks to the numerous Koli cottages on Gofinland, finding accommodation near Koli National Park is effortless.

Activities and accommodation in Koli National Park

Koli is a real paradise for nature-loving outdoor enthusiasts. There are many paths of different lengths and levels of difficulty. Some of the tracks contain quite tricky parts, but the sights are worth a little climb. In winter, you can explore the area with skis or snowshoes, spend a day in the Koli ski centre or drive along the ice road on the Lake Pielinen.

There are plenty of options for accommodation in Koli. You can stay at a hotel, but if you really want to experience the area, you should stay in one of the many cabins. The vacation rentals in Koli are located close to all the hot spots, but you still have your privacy in the middle of the most beautiful Finnish landscapes.

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