Verla World Heritage Site

 Cultural landmark

Verla World Heritage Site


The town of Verla is grown around the old Groundwood and Board Mill located on the shores of Verlankoski rapids. This small town is a good example of a late 1800th century community and culture that has evolved around the growing wood processing industry. Because the buildings have remained mostly in their original condition, the whole area has been granted the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The main attraction of Verla is the Factory Museum of the old Mill. Guided tours are offered in the summer time when the whole town bursts to life. Next to the museum you can visit many small shops and handicraft workshops. A small restaurant is open through the summer offering lunch, coffee and delicious snacks.

Verla also offers a unique chance to have a stay in a world heritage site! The rental cabins are actually original housings of the people living in the community. Old buildings are preserved well and the atmosphere is very nostalgic. Even though the buildings are old, they are equipped well to accommodate the modern visitors.

Verla is located about 30 kilometers from Kouvola, the nearest larger city and 170 kilometers from Helsinki. There is a lot to see in Verla, but it is also ideal destination for a shorter visit. The area is really beautiful and the history is interesting. There is even an ancient rock painting found from the area. Painting can be visited free of charge, so come and see the many layers of history of eastern Finland at Verla!
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