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This fabulous nature experience in River Oulanka in Kuusamo is justified in touting itself as the most magnificent waterfall in Finland. Whether this claim is true or not, it is so impressive that you will classify it as one of the greatest waterfalls in Finland at a glance. The name Kiutaköngäs already tells a lot, as the Sámi word "giuuhta" means a deep ravine-like valley. "Keävngis" (Finnish "köngäs") refers to a large waterfall.

In fact Kiutaköngäs is not one big waterfall. It is instead a series of steep rapids where the water falls by a total of 14 metres over more than 200 metres. The water flows through a ravine valley whose steep rock wall on the north side is shining red. The brick-like red colour is caused by dolomite, related to limestone. The rock at the front is quartzite, and the river has created its bed at the seam of these different rock types. This possibly makes the destination unique in the Nordic countries. Below the first rapids there is a so-called giant's kettle: a kettle-like formation that was born 9,500 years ago when the runoff water from the ice sheets shaped the area.

Kiutaköngäs is located approximately one kilometre from the Oulanka Nature Centre and is relatively easy to reach.

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