Liesjärvi National Park

Liesjärvi National Park
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Liesjärvi National Park – Cottages and Vacation Rentals

Find a cosy cottage and other types of vacation rentals near Liesjärvi National Park with the help of Gofinland. Enjoy the pristine nature of Kanta-Häme Region and admire the breathtaking landscapes decorated by forested ridges and the surrounding blue lakes.

Liesjärvi National Park spreads in the area of Tammela, Somero and Karkkila municipalities 95 km northwest of Helsinki. Finding comfortable accommodation nearby the park ensures easy day trips to the natural attractions of Liesjärvi National Park.

Travel back in time at Korteniemi Heritage Farm, hike along the circular nature trails, follow woodpeckers’ and other hole-nesting birds’ daily activities or find the geocaches and letterboxes hidden along the paths of the national park.

Attractions in Liesjärvi National Park

The best-known attraction in Liesjärvi National Park is Korteniemi Heritage Farm, a traditional forest ranger’s cabin that dates back to the 1910s. The buildings and surroundings of the farm have remained unchanged for more than 100 years. In summer, visitors of Liesjärvi National Park can volunteer to work at the farm for a day; learn how vegetables were grown and rye harvested back in the 1910s or feed the farm animals – cows, horses, sheep, hens and a rooster – that inhabit the farmyard during the summer season.

Liesjärvi National Park is a home to many hole-nesting birds like woodpeckers which makes it an ideal destination for birdwatchers. For the most spectacular landscapes in Liesjärvi National Park, hike to the top of Kyynäränharju ridge separating Liesjärvi and Kyynäräjärvi lakes. Another impressive viewing spot locates at Hyypiökallio cliff.

Häme Nature Centre is the official information point of both, Liesjärvi National Park and Torronsuo National Park.

Activities in Liesjärvi National Park

Besides the cultural heritage, farm animals and voluntary work at Korteniemi Heritage Farm, Liesjärvi National Park offers a wide range of fun activities. Walk along the short and well-marked nature trails that join over 250 km long trekking network of Hämeen Ilvesreitti also allowing long hikes.

Spend your days in Liesjärvi National Park by watching birds, fishing, mountain biking, picking wild berries and mushrooms, swimming, canoeing or finding geocaches and letterboxes hidden in different parts of the national park.

Finding accommodation near Liesjärvi National Park

Thanks to its central location along the Finnish National Road 2, Liesjärvi National Park is easy to reach by car and even by bus. Camping is allowed in Savilahti and right next to Peukalolammi lean-to and Kaksvetinen hut. There are also two wilderness cabins in the national park that can be rented via Metsähallitus, the Finnish Administration of Forests.

For a pleasant stay, Gofinland helps you find a cottage and other types of vacation rentals near Liesjärvi National Park. By staying in a modern cabin, you can enjoy a relaxing sauna, facilities for cooking and a comfortable bed that prepare you for a new exciting day outdoors in Liesjärvi National Park.

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