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Lohja, known as the apple town, is a verdant and active town in Western Uusimaa, only just under an hour’s drive from Helsinki and just over an hour from Turku. The closeness of the nature and the diverse services make Lohja a charming chalet destination, because there is as much peace and quiet and things to do as you like.

For those that enjoy the tranquility of nature, there are numerous places in Lohja such as the Karnaistenkorpi nature path, 25 metres above the Helsinki-Turku motorway, the springtime sea of white and yellow anemones of the Karkali nature reserve, or Finland’s largest limestone cave, the Torhola cavern.

Places worth getting to know are also the tree species parks Arboretum Magnolia and Tammiston Tila and the fruit tree species park, Fruticetum. More active pursuits in Lohja are offered by the Kisakallio Sports Institute, the Neidonkeidas swimming baths and the Tennari sports centre. The much-vaunted apple blossoms can be seen from late spring onwards, for example at the apple vineyard of Alitalo in Lohjansaari.

In Lohja, culture is offered by, amongst others, the theatre and the town orchestra maintained by the town. However, the most popular event may still be the Rantajamit festival, which has already featured the singing of top artists for 25 years. Local history is displayed in places such as the home of Elias Lönnrot at the croft of Paikkari and the mine of Tytyri, which has played a significant part in the development of Lohja. The mine with its museums, also seen in the cult show The Amazing Race, is 110 metres underground and is a particularly good travel destination because of its uniqueness.

There are events around the year in Lohja, the best known of which are Tenoripäivät (‘Tenor Days’), Omenakarnevaalit (‘Apple Carnival’) and the Past Times Xmas Market. However, new ones are being created all the time, the latest being the Kahvilapäivä (‘Cafe Day’) that represents the diverse cafe culture of the town.