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Bay of Pernaja and its archipelago is one of the largest inland bays in the Gulf of Finland. Its typical feature is the highly variable salt content. There is almost fresh water at the end of the Koskenkylänjoki River, and all species requiring salt in the Baltic Sea can be found on the southern edge of the bay. The bird fauna is rich and there are several bird protection areas in the area. The number of waterbirds in the spring is abundant when they find places suitable for nesting. It is also possible to spot sea eagles and ospreys from the area. In the autumn you can see gray seals coming down to the bay area. Fluctuations in water level may be significant from time to time, which brings more interest to fishing.

Because of the varying circumstances, it is very important that our guide is familiar with the specific features of the area, so that we can ensure the best possible fishing experience. Likewise, we are on the move every day so we have the latest information on where to catch the fish.

The most typical way of catching your fish is basic spinning and casting techniques, but our guide masters all other fishing methods. If you want, we can try Jig-fishing or fish for pike with the heavier tools using big plastic and jerks.

It is possible to catch large perch, pike and pike with spinning or casting gear as well as sea trout. Trolling is possible in the archipelago and also in the open sea, in which case the catch is either sea trout or salmon.


  • Pike (Northern pike) 15.4 (after ice has melted) - 15.12 (until the sea is ice covered)
  • Perch 15.5 - 15.6 ja 1.9 - 15.12
  • Zander 1.5 - 15.11
  • Seatrout 1.5 - 15.6 ja 1.10 - 15.12
  • Salmon 15.5 - 31.7
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Basic information

further information: FISHING LICENSES Fishing licenses are needed if your age is 18 - 64 years, we sell the fishing licenses or you can buy them from eraluvat.fi Fishing licenses 6 Eur / person / day (18-64 years) Delivery fee 12 Eur Prices include VAT
Suitability: All of the fishing trips in archipelago suit very well for beginners as well for experienced fisherman.
Difficulty: Helppo
Qualifications: Captain has valid charter captains license Boats used for fishing are specially built for fishing and they are inspected for commercial use
Insurances: We have insured our clients and safety documentation is made according authorities instructions
Address: Meritie 146, 07750, Isnäs
Languages: Finnish English
Links: http://trophyfishing.fi

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