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Luxury cottages in Finland - Cottages and accommodation

You do not have to own a luxury cottage in order to enjoy the experience of staying in a high-end cottage. In Finland there are numerous luxury cottages available for rent, where you can enjoy the most beautiful sceneries in Finland and the wonderful cottage experience. The luxurious villas and cottages are designed for easy holidays.

Luxury cottages in Finland

Generally speaking, luxury cottages have a much better design level than traditional cottages. Large glass surfaces, the finest materials in the interior design and tastefully chosen appliances, create a luxurious feeling for the cottages. Those who are tired of regular cottages, can seek a new experience by renting a larger and more luxurious villa or cottage. The easy-going atmosphere, the luxurious solutions and the best materials in the cottage crown the experience.

The most popular places for luxury cottages include ski resorts, waterfront beaches and peaceful areas on the countryside. Luxury cottages and villas in connection with ski resorts offer larger groups the opportunity to enjoy skiing and feeling of being together.

Luxury cottages - A well equipped holiday

Luxury cottages can be found all over Finland. The luxury cottages are mostly located on ski resorts or waterfronts, making it easy to enjoy the area's services. In the vicinity of the cottages there are often great opportunities for recreation and lots of beautiful nature to spend time and relax. Luxury cottages are perfect for company meetings and relaxing holidays among friends.

The luxury cottages have running water, electricity and usually also an internet connection. The luxurious cottages are high quality and designed for year round use. Well-equipped villas and cottages meet the needs of demanding customers.

Luxury cottages at Gofinland

From the Gofinland cabin range you will find cottages that are classified as luxury cottages. Large and spacious villas are ideal for spending holidays, for those who just want the best of their holiday. Check out our range of sites and discover the luxury cottages from Gofinland.