Kenkävero vicarage has an atmospheric mood and offers a look into the history of vicarages in Finland. The gorgeous vicarage of Kenkävero has multiple event during each season, but summer time is the most eventful. Harvesting markets, Handicraft camp and Chocolate festivals are just a part of the wide array of events. In Kenkävero you can sink in to the culture, dating all the way back to 14th century.

Kenkävero restaurant in Mikkeli

Kenkävero vicarage is a well-known destination in Mikkeli - you should stop if the purpose is just to drive past. The services offered by the Kenkävero restaurants offer mouth-watering catering sure make it worth stopping. The Kenkävero restaurant and café is open all year round and welcomes all those who are interested in fine and traditional sceneries. In a beautiful setting and a sensual restaurant, dining is crown of the experience in the old vicarage. Kenkävero's restaurants have a wide variety of buffet service throughout the year, but the restaurant is mostly known for its impressive and variable menu choices.

Kenkävero also has its own bakery that produces fresh bread and toffee from local ingredients. The bakery is open all year round and is also present at local events in Mikkeli.

Kenkävero history in Mikkeli

In Kenkävero, you will find local crafts, local food and Finnish design selected carefully to represent the local arts and designers. The store carefully chooses what products are being sold to keep alive products and traditions alive. In summer, Kenkävero's products also include garden products and decorative products from their own crops. The history of shoe tax goes back over 550 years, when the first priest's habitation was built on the site. The priest at that time was not bigger than a little hut, but with time the priesthood has gained permanent living and housing around the vicarage. Over the years, the vicarage has seen history, including the tragedy of Nuijasota and the Winter War. The vicarage and priests have played a major role in educating Finns. In addition to the Bible, libraries of Kenkävero contain agricultural guides and other textbooks. For the last time Kenkävero acted as vicarage in -69.

Today, the parsonage is a peaceful stopover for locals and tourists in Finland. Kenkävero's quiet atmosphere and friendly ambiance will once again come as a truly welcome break after a long drive. Come and have a drink or enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and a cozy restaurant at Kenkävero!

Kenkävero is located in the municipality of Mikkeli along well-connected roads, and it is easy to reach from the Mikkeli highway. From Mikkeli, you can also get to other parts of Eastern Finland to enjoy national landscapes and a still living cultural heritage. Kenkävero is a worthwhile visit to all the area's travellers.

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