The 39 national parks in Finland display the entire range of northern nature from woodland to fells, lakes, rivers and archipelago. The national parks protect biodiversity and offer people the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of pure nature. National parks can be found in all areas of Finland and are easily accessible to every Finnish citizen. Find your own favourite or why not visit them all!

Hossa National Park – a Newcomer

In honour of the 100th Anniversary of Finland’s Independence a new entrant - Hossa national park – has been added to the list of Finnish national parks. The heartland of the Kainuu region is worth visiting because of its clear waters, rolling ridges and tranquil wilderness. Hossa’s natural attractions are just as spectacular as many of Finland’s most renowned sites: here you can admire the canyon lake in Julma-Ölkky’s rugged landscape or explore ancient paintings at the Värikallio cliffs. The Hossa Nature Centre serves the area’s visitors and provides information about the area’s attractions. Visit the Hossa site find rental houses near the national park.

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Koli National Park – a True Classic 

Koli represents Finland’s most famous national landscape, often named the most beautiful area in the country. The rugged hills of Koli and the magnificent lakes have inspired great Finnish artists since the end of the 19th century, and not without reason: the scenery from high above, down towards Lake Pielinen, is undeniably breathtaking! There are many things to do in the national park: opportunities for day excursions or longer hikes, canoeing and good boating conditions. In winter, you can go snowshoeing or skiing, with over 50 km of maintained trails offered in the area. Renting a cottage in the immediate vicinity of the National park is a great choice for visitors to Koli. 

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Lemmenjoki National Park – Golden Rivers of Finnish Lapland

The northernmost and largest national park in Finland, Lemmenjoki, is known not only for its gold prospectors but also for its beautiful wilderness forest. The national park, founded in 1956, is located at the very core of Sámi culture. In Lemmenjoki, it is possible to try gold panning, take part in a guided boat tour or explore the nature centre. The national park, known for its river valley, surrounded by fells, is despite its large size, ideal also for day trips. Lemmenjoki is one of Europe’s largest uninhabited wilderness areas, which means this northern Lapland area is the perfect place to enjoy silence, for example by staying in a rental cottage.

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Linnansaari National Park – the Home of the Saimaa ringed seal

The Linnansaari national park, founded in 1956, has plenty of beautiful beach landscapes. Those interested in culture should visit the old Linnansaari croft, where, in the summertime, you have the possibility to witness traditional slash-and-burn farming practices. In winter, the scenery of the Linnansaari national park can be enjoyed through multiple activities, as there is a 20 km long route for hiking and good skiing opportunities. Rental cottages near the National park can, for example, be found in the areas surrounding Savonlinna and Varkaus.

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Nuuksio National Park – a National Park next to Helsinki

Nuuksio is the second most popular national park in Finland, offering a great contrast to Helsinki’s city pulse. Nuuksio’s popularity is partly due to the national park being so easily accessible by public transport. The area is very diverse because of its nature, with numerous lakes and forests, valleys, mires, cliffs, ponds and gorges. For hikers, Nuuksio offers 33 km of marked trails, campfire sites, lean-to shelters and the Finnish nature centre Haltia, where you can get educated about the areas rich nature. Follow the link for information about Nuuksio rental cottages.

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Oulanka National Park – a Natural Reserve Known for its River Landscapes

Established in 1956, Oulanka national park is one of Finland’s most popular national parks. The area is famous for its suspension bridges, canyons, rapids and winding river valleys. You can choose from a total of 150 km of hiking trails, making it easy for travellers to go on day excursions or experience the power of the famous Karhunkierros or Bear's trail. There are also great opportunities for canoeing and biking in the landscapes of Oulanka and Kitkajoki. There are plenty of options to choose from for those seeking accommodation in the Kuusamo area rental cottages.

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Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park – the Hiker’s Paradise

Pallas-Yllästunturi national park is Finland’s most popular national park, with landscapes admired by more than half a million visitors annually. The Pallas-Ounastunturi region, which became popular among travellers already in the 1930’s, became a national park as early as 1938. The national park was expanded in 2005 through the merger of Ylläs-Aakenustunturi. The Pallas-Yllästunturi area offers vast opportunities for hiking and camping, with plenty of day excursions as well as a true classic - the 55 km long hiking trail named Pallas-Hetta. The villages offer numerous visitor facilities and rental cottages.

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Pyhä-Luosto National Park – a Cradle of Silence

The Pyhätunturi national park, founded in 1938, was extended in 2005, when the Luosto area was incorporated into the park. Here you can visit the Saami’s historical pilgrimage sites, explore deep gorges and admire other geological wonders. The Pyhä-Luosto region is also the perfect place to enjoy real tranquility in nature, near the Pyhä and Luosto resorts. Today, Pyhä-Luosto is one of Finland’s most popular national parks, with sights worth exploring with time. Available accommodation options can be found among the area’s holiday homes, hotels and rental cottages.

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Repovesi National Park – a Versatile Park Near Big Centres of Finland

Repovesi is one of the most popular national parks in southern Finland, with its numerous lakes, majestic cliffs and magnificent forests attracting a large number of visitors year after year. The area is suitable for hikers and campers of all ages, with options for every taste, in the 45 km wide trail network. In addition to hiking, there are many canoeing trails, great climbing opportunities at Olhavanvuori, and in winter, a wide selection of cross-country tracks for skiers. The park, situated about 200 km from Helsinki, is ideal for short visits as well as for longer stays.

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The Archipelago National Park – Part of the Largest Archipelago of the Northern Hemisphere

The Archipelago national park is located in what has been described as the most beautiful archipelago of the world. The culture of the villages in the archipelago can be explored via boating, sailing or canoeing - and with some luck you may spot grey seals or even eagles. If you don’t have your own boat, you can join one of the ferryboats. The Sinisimpukka nature centre in Kasnäs and the Korpoström archipelago centre in Korppoo, Parainen, offer information about the areas nature. The Archipelago national park cottages offer you the opportunity of an enjoyable holiday in the scenery of the marine national park.

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Bothnian Sea National Park – Experience the Unique Atmosphere

The Bothnian Sea National Park, founded in 2011, is one of Finland’s largest national parks. Located on the coast of southwestern Finland, this nature reserve is known for its idyllic lighthouses, which can be accessed either by a private boat or on a ferryboat during the summer season. As most of the national park is located below the water level, we recommend going diving in the cleanest waters of Finland. The national park also offers great opportunities for sailing, boating and canoeing, birdwatching and seal spotting. Travellers heading to the Bothnian Sea are advised to check out the area’s selection of rental cottages.

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Sipoonkorpi National Park – Tranquil Nature at the Doorstep of Helsinki

Sipoonkorpi national park is located in the immediate vicinity of the Helsinki metropolitan area, only 20 km from the city centre of Helsinki. Because of its central location Sipoonkorpi is easily accessible by public transport. Nevertheless, Sipoonkorpi is a very rural setting and an excellent place to gather mushrooms and berries for winter. It has plenty of forests, mires and cultural landscapes, and it is also the growth environment of many endangered species. Familiarise yourself with the choice of rental cottages at the Sipoonkorpi site

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Syöte National Park – the choice of the active hiker

The Syöte national park is renowned for its rolling hills, rugged forests and snow-crowned spruces. The area is particularly suitable for active hikers as there are as many as 122 km of hiking trails ranging from short nature trails to long hiking terrains. In addition to hiking routes, there are routes for mountain biking, canoeing, skiing and snowshoeing. Syöte visitor centre guides visitors interested in activities and nature. There are numerous options available for those seeking accommodation, from Iso-Syöte’s holiday homes and hotels to rental cottages in the wild.

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Urho Kekkonen National Park – A Presidential Choice

The Urho Kekkonen National Park (Koilliskaira) has been a popular destination for hikers ever since the 1950s. Today it is Finland’s third most popular national park, offering a wilderness environment for the tranquility-loving hiker. Despite the tranquility, the park’s nature- and guide centres are located within a reasonable distance from hiking trails. In the UKK -park, visitors can choose their route according to their own level: the marked routes in the western part of the region are best suited for beginners, while the open landscapes of the treeless fells appeal to the more experienced hikers. 

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In addition to the national parks presented above, there are numerous other national parks in Finland.