The Rahja Archipelago

 Natural landmark

The Rahja Archipelago

North Ostrobothnia

The Rahja Archipelago is an interesting nature destination along the west coast of Finland. Rahja area is ideal for many kinds of outdoor activities, ranging from simple hiking to stand up paddle boarding and skiing in the wintertime. You can also explore the shores and waters by rowboat or canoe. There are information boards, lean-to shelters, campfire sites and two open wilderness huts along the Rahja region. Rahja is located by the Botnian Bay, where the land is rising and pushing the sea shore further every year. This peculiar phenomenon is caused by the ice-age, when the weight of the ice sheet packed the land under massive pressure and pushed it down. The rising of the land has shaped the environment quite a bit and made the nature of Rahja really diverse. This diversity makes Rahja archipelago a unique destination in the whole Europe. Traditional culture of Rahja has evolved around fishing and small farming. The history is present on many of the islands in the area, as small fishing villages can be found all along the archipelago.
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