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Lapland is one of the most versatile travel destinations in Finland. First of all, it’s a large, actually a very large area that covers the whole northern Finland. The further north you go the more sparse the population is. Most of Lapland is just wilderness full of natural wonders, which makes it such a popular hiking destination. In addition to the wilderness there is a variety of bustling ski resorts all over Lapland. Even though winter is the busiest season, these ski resorts have numerous activities to offer year around. In the winter Lapland is ideal for winter sports like alpine skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing. Summertime is good for hiking and the rivers of Lapland are popular for fishing.

The magical nature of Lapland has something completely unique. In the summer the sun never sets and in the height of winter it never rises. This is pretty good, since Lapland is the best place on earth for observing Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights as we Finns like to call them. In the fall the landscape is full of colors because all the foliage changes color before winter. Lapland is also home of the most magical person in the world - Santa Claus!

Most of Lapland’s cottages and log cabins are located in the ski resorts or near them. You can experience the magical nature fully but still be near all the necessary facilities and activities.

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