Päijänne National Park

Päijänne National Park
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Päijänne National Park - Cottages and Vacation Rentals

The esker islands, lagoons, sandy beaches, clear waters and steep waterside cliffs make Päijänne National Park a dream destination for boaters and other visitors who enjoy life on water. The park includes around 50 unbuilt islands and rocky islets, and undeveloped parts of inhabited islands, which visitors can explore by sailboat or motor boat. The park features several natural harbours with campfire sites and camping areas. The surrounding areas have several visitor berths and the harbours of Asikkala, Padasjoki and Sysmä with diverse services are close by. The islands of the Päijänne National Park are also accessible by boat and boat taxi in summer. On the Pulkkilanharju nature trail in Asikkala and in Päijätsalo in Sysmä, you can explore the Finnish Lakeland without leaving the shore. Ice conditions permitting, the Padasjoki local authority maintains a cross-country skiing trail on the ice of Lake Päijänne.

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